Author: luke + anneris

Because I said so!

What pisses you off? Bad drivers when you’re late? Annoying colleagues, stubborn friends, or forgetful partners? Poorly designed tools, new software?… (more)

Long and Winding Road

There’s an old axiom that says you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Looking at your… (more)

Your Holy Place

Much of this week’s reading is about the making of the mishkan, the portable ark, and the accoutrements for its assembly… (more)

The Zealot

This reading’s title comes from a rash and intense response to the actions of another. But in defense of zealotry (not… (more)

The Rebel

Getting to goal takes longer than we want. There’s lots of muttering Are we there yet? Nope. This week’s about self-sabotage…. (more)

The Path of Blessing

This week’s reading contains one of my favorite prayers: the Priestly Blessing. I think this prayer is at the core of… (more)

In The Wilderness

Lots of this story is set in the wilderness. Which an English major would deconstruct to the place that is wilder,… (more)