Beautiful Me

Have you every had a great coach or mentor? These extraordinary people sit with you when you’re stuck and help you move into the unknown. A great coach is a visionary. My mentors see my potential and through their guidance turn their vision into my reality.  Eventually I see their possibility for me. I see myself through their eyes. I witnessed my fear and limitations fall away, and a strong, smart, and beautiful being emerge.


To see yourself through the eyes of someone who sees the best in you
And then to put your trust in that vision, Wow! Watch the world transform.
Now, see yourself as you are seen by those who love you.
These are your words….

Today, I see me full of vigor and joy. My smile is beaming and eyes overflowing with spirit. My skin is glowing and hair shiny and glistening even under overcast skies.  I am eating lunch, slowly enjoying every bite and chewing my food to liquefaction. My digestion is hardy and strong. My entire GI tract is working smoothly, easily absorbing the nutrients from the delicious organic vegetables, fruit, grains and proteins I’m eating. The large intestine is effortlessly and regularly moving bowels for elimination. My beaming smile, reflects how great I feel.
Man! I am sleeping like a baby. Falling to sleep quickly, getting deep rest, and waking up refreshed and inspired for all of the fun and creative things I am doing today. My breath is full of vitality, lungs feeling strong and fit. Breathing I can feel the pranic life force powerfully flowing through muscles and into the marrow of my bones.

My mind is clear and focused which is reflected in my erudite, crisp speech. Everything I do is full of intent. In my heart I feel connected to a spiritual source of power and grace that permeates every aspect of my life. Lighthearted and fun, I am laughing often during the day. I am committed deeply to every aspect of life, and it shows in the joy I share with co workers, friends and my family. My work life is truly fulfilling and I have plenty of resources to live the lifestyle I want, giving regularly to those in need.
Eyes wide and glistening I am stoked to live this day, knowing that I make a difference in the world just by being me. Different emotions flow through my body during the day. As they appear I breath life into them letting them wear new grooves into the contours of my vast Soul.  

From timbre and inflection of my words people can feel I am comfortable being vulnerable which allows them to open up too.

Full of love in my heart, gratitude is spilling over, as I remember how blessed I am just to have life, let alone the other countless things I am consciously grateful for.

I catch a glimpse of me in the mirror, and for a moment
I don’t recognize the face in the reflection.
It seems like it could be the face of anyone in the world, and then I see it. I see the light of my Soul shining through the body. I can feel my purpose within that light. Even though I look radiant and beautiful, I care about something much deeper. One overriding desire pulsates withing me like a homing beacon. And that desire is to share my heart with the world through my word, action and deed and receive the heart of the world in the same way. That is enough. That is the point and purpose of my life. Give. Receive. Give. Receive.
My heart is rock solid love and it is beautiful to witness.
This is my vision me and the reality of my life.
read this out loud as a daily affirmation of who you truly are.
as you read it, feel it in your cells and bones.
breath the words into your body.
let them marinate deep inside.

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  1. TW says:

    Beautiful Luke. Can’t wait til your book comes out.

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