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Do You Hear a Calling to Be a Leader? (Part 2)

How to create a men’s or women’s deep shadow work group (Part 2)…  I’m back with my brother and leader in the men’s work world, Mike Terborg. In this podcast, we put the finishing touches on our conversation of what’s required to lead an effective shadow work group for men or women. This conversation is useful… (more)

Free Workshop: The Power of Shadow Work for Men

The next round of The Heart of Shadow, the 9-week virtual program with a live retreat that I co-lead with Jason Lange starts on September 5th. If you’re curious about shadow work and the program, Jason and I are hosting a free online workshop on Monday, July 31st at 5:30pm PST called “The Power of Shadow Work for Men”. We’ll be talking… (more)

Taking Charge of Your Sexual Charge

My teaching partner and co-facilitator of the Heart of Shadow Men’s Progam, Jason Lange and I, dive into sex and sexuality, particularly focused on heterosexual men, but relatable to everyone on the gender spectrum and sexual orientation. We explore: Jason and I also share our personal journeys working with sex and sexuality and where we are… (more)

Do You Hear a Calling to be a Leader?

How to create a men’s or women’s group. Part 1 One of my dearest friends, college roommate, the best man at my wedding, Mike Terborg and I discuss how to create and lead a men’s group. Mike is a husband, father of three beautiful children, a child educator and leader of men’s work. I think… (more)

Signs You are Reacting from Your Shadow Side

Everyone has a shadow side and everyone reacts from that shadow side from time to time. However, sometimes one’s shadow can take over and a person begins to live from a constricted, mercurial heart space. The shadow side of a person is created by life circumstances such as upbringing, societal influences, trauma and abuse. The… (more)

Face Your Dragons. Unleash Your Life Force.

Shadow is a metaphor for anything we are not fully aware of that is impacting our lives.… We all carry shadow elements – parts of ourselves that are hidden, disowned or have been frozen in time. These parts can carry great energetic cost to us, siphoning our vitality and bringing dis-ease to our sense of… (more)

Core Level Healing

I’m again thrilled to join Jason Lange, my friend and co-facilitator of The Heart of Shadow program. In this discussion, we share about our own shadow work processes that we worked through on a recent retreat with each other, and how this type of shadow work can facilitate a core level of healing that gets… (more)

What if You Could Be More Free?

This podcast is about my journey to the ledge of freedom. I talk about the goals for my life and how I am reaching them through relationship. I also describe the psycho-spiritual work that I have gone through, and now offer to others through Core Level Awakening, to reach emotional awareness, depth and intimacy. Lastly,… (more)

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