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How Sadness Adversely Affects Your Body

Sadness is a fundamental emotion from which other emotions originate… When something happens that threatens your feeling of security in your body, sadness is the first response. Anger, worry, fear and their derivative emotions follow. Suppressed or excess sadness stifles lung function. In fact, many times, lung-related problems have a strong component of suppressed grief… (more)

Looking at the Physical Symptoms of Unworthiness

Unworthiness is the seed experience that perpetuates the illusion that you are separate… When not feeling good enough already exists on the inside, and life does something to poke at it, that corrosive, sinking feeling alerts attention that something is wrong (and you add to this feeling these two words: with me). Something is wrong with me, you think…. (more)

Heart Cracked Wide Open Book Tour

Join me as I take the healing train on the road. My first stop the East West Book Shop in Seattle. I’ll be giving an intro talk and breathwork session Friday September 9th at 7:30 pm and a workshop with meditation and breathwork on Saturday September 10th at from 10:30 – 2:00 pm. Here’s a… (more)

Meditate and Liberate

It really feels like summer! I spent the morning at Bryce Creek with my daughter, swimming and skipping rocks. It was one of the best summer days, I’ve ever had. Corazon (my daughter) giggled with delight,her arms and legs wrapped around me tight, as we dipped into the cool creek. I covered her in a towel and… (more)

10 Things I Love About Me

An excerpt from my book, “Born to Heal”: Until you discover the wellspring of love within, you will endlessly seek love from the outside world. Deep inside, most people experience a degree of feeling empty and not good enough. When you look to the external world to solely fill you up, you will always be… (more)

Heart Melting, the Pinnacle Spiritual Practice

Heart Melting transforms moments of stress, self-deprecation, and fear, into experiences of love, healing, and creativity. I spontaneously experienced the Heart Melting practice in the middle of a retreat I led a few years ago in the high cascades of Oregon with a group of courageous people who came to study with me to learn… (more)

Popular Society promotes suppression

An excerpt from my book, “Born to Heal”: Particularly pernicious examples of societal suppression are learned behaviors reinforced by family, schools, and religious institutions. These impact how we conduct ourselves through different genders, ages, and in a variety of social and professional contexts. Who has never heard any of these? Boys have to be tough… (more)

The Sequence of Separation

An excerpt from my book, “Born to Heal”: Emotion is a compass that points to your heart. Your heart connects you to the Universe. Suppressed emotions result in feeling separate from Universal Love. Separation from your heart is perpetuated by suppression of your emotions. Suppression perpetuates the myth that you are separate from the Universe…. (more)

Because I said so!

What pisses you off? Bad drivers when you’re late? Annoying colleagues, stubborn friends, or forgetful partners? Poorly designed tools, new software? What makes you lose it? Grit or gnash your teeth. Shriek, smash pottery, or just plain lose your cool. I recently lost a beloved pet. Death’s high on my things-that-piss-me off list. Not so… (more)

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