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How Meditation Profoundly Affects Your Daily Life

You have a choice in how you learn your life lessons. Life can be free of suffering or full of it. There will be difficulty and pain at times. That is the nature of life. To get out of your own way and allow the Universe to guide you is a matter of daily practice…. (more)

The Childhood Story of How Meditation Changed My Life

My parents were avid meditators before my siblings and I were born. Of course, as we grew up, Mom and Dad had to focus on providing for the family so meditation became a fond distant memory. Through the first several years of my adolescence, I lived in a poor neighborhood in Palm Springs where I… (more)

How the Indigo Meditation Retreat Affects You in the Long Run

In the past, I thought of retreat as just another word for vacation. I’d get out of town, soak up some rays, go surfing, and lounge about. I would get back from vacation refreshed and rested, but then go right back to the grind. After a week or 2 of being back in reality, the… (more)

Learn How to Speak Up & Honor Your Feelings

If your feelings weren’t heard and your needs weren’t met as a child, you may have trouble speaking up for yourself and standing in your power as an adult. Also, if you have chosen a career in which you are helping others, you may find it hard to instill healthy boundaries as well as maintain… (more)

What if You Could Stop Holding Back?

People do not like to admit they are afraid. Fear is not an attractive emotion. It does not inspire strength. Suppression at the level of the kidneys appears as withholding, surmised by the idea, “Rather than admit what I’m afraid of, I’ll pretend it is not real by saying nothing.” You know the mysterious type… (more)

How to Access Your Unrealized Aspirations

Life will present you with challenge. Some people may even feel threatened by your radiance. One reason I feel passionate about you taking up a regular life practice that will enhance your self-love, self-worth and empowerment, is for you to face such darkness with greater skill and poise. You can dillydally in the mundane world for… (more)

How Ignoring Your Painful Past is Affecting Your Body Now

One of the most important aspects of Core Level Awakening is that it wakes you up to each piece of yourself that you’ve kept hidden, safely tucked away from harm. One name for that hiding place is the shadow. The shadow is always with you, usually unseen, in the background; the thing you really want… (more)

Launching a New Service for 2022

Healing is my calling… Throughout my career I’ve worked on refining my ability to create the most potent environments for healing. Over the last three decades I’ve learned 3 absolutes about healing: To heal we need to feel safe. As a facilitator honoring resistance and openness to healing is paramount. Leave space for Grace to… (more)

The Coronation Conflagration

In the early months of the pandemic, Charles Eisenstein wrote an article entitled The Coronation, where he characterized the corona virus as an initiatory crowning of human consciousness—an evolutionary leap in how humans relate fundamentally to life. He writes, “Now the question arises: Initiation into what? What is the specific nature and purpose of this… (more)

Building a Relationship with Yourself Can Heal Your Body

According to Chinese medicine, different emotions reside in different organs. Each of these organ systems contains emotional and spiritual functions as well as specific physical functions. When the sequence of separation is activated, that is, whenever you suppress your emotions, the organs pick up the physiological slack for one another. Rather than easefully flowing into… (more)

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