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Choosing Your Path

We’re told the story  of Aaron’s sons who are killed instantly because they came into the sanctuary with “strange fire.”  I read that and think, How can any form of worship be wrong? And so unacceptable that they’re zapped like flies on a summer patio. I come from the “pray often, and how you want… (more)

Points of Light

Here is an article on our amazing guest blogger, Helen Rosenau!! It was written by Christine Sherk of The Register-Guard.  An avid reader, she talks enthusiastically about books. An admirer of art, she details what “drew her in” to the human portraits by Bay Area photographer Jon Kaplan she has hung in her Eugene home. “He… (more)

Hearing the Divine

We all get our instructions in different ways. I’m not talking about literal voices, but the certainty of trusting your gut about people, places, things; life decisions big and small. Listening to the messages from your inner guides about everything from meditating or exercising more to proposing marriage. This reading details the building of the… (more)

Why We Do the Things We Do

There’s a moment in a new bestseller when if the protagonist drives west he’ll be safe and can begin a new life, and if he returns east, he’ll face life-threatening escapades. East he goes, despite its known dangers. We all do a lot of that. Many times, we make cosmic u-turns when facing the unknown,… (more)

Sacred Spaces

Do you have altars? Places where you collect sacred objects: piles of rocks that have called to you on a walk, inspirational pictures, or spiritually meaningful talismans? We’re used to thinking of places of worship as sacred space. Ditto meditation places in our homes or gardens. Even the inspirational images and messages we share in… (more)

Walking the Line

There’s a paradigm I think about that’s got spontaneity on one end and discipline on the other. Sometimes I interpret this range as gratification and joy on the one hand, and rules and responsibilities on the other. Unfair, I know, and betrays a predilection towards self-indulgence that undervalues the benefits of regular habits and practices…. (more)

Shake, Rattle and Roll: When We Stood at Sinai

As imagery goes, it’s hard to beat Sinai. Thunder and lightening, the Ten Commandments boomed out so fiercely it’s said the assembled folks heard color and saw sound. A synesthesia that gives insight into how we sometimes respond to powerful instructions or situations: with confusion, fear, and a desire to close our eyes, cover our… (more)

What Kind Are You?

There’s a great Jewish holiday called Tu B’Shevat. It takes place in deep winter but with harvests abundant the questions it raises are worth contemplating now. The best explanation I’ve ever heard came from a teacher who said, It’s when the sap remembers to begin to rise. How lovely. There’s ritual gatherings centered around plates… (more)

Making the Leap

The paradigm I use for the personal growth process is meandering versus leaping. Meandering is how most of us do it most of the time. Thinking about change, hoping for change, wanting to be on the other side of whatever’s between us and change. Walking the shore of our own Red Sea but not sure… (more)

First Wounding

Life isn’t always easy. Each of us has been hurt in various ways. In the early history of your incarnation lie the first woundings. Likely they preceded language, but made deep and complex impacts on your beingness and sense of self. This week is a powerful time to release their hold, so you can grow… (more)

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