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Truth Time

This is the no holds barred, let it all hang out honesty week. Not some public confessional. Just you and you. Time to look yourself in the eyeballs and admit that you’re going to have to do something powerfully different than you’ve been doing to get out of the slavery of the narrow place. The… (more)

A Question of Idenity

This is the perfect time to think about who you are, what you identify as, and how other people see you. Sometimes those are in perfect congruence, and others there are big gaps between whom we aspire to be and how we act, or how we hope to be seen and how others perceive us…. (more)

The Blessings

We’re at the edge of a transformation. It’s a time to think about integration, about creating oneness out of many diverse parts. Jacob offers his sons (the archetypes for our component parts)  blessings, blessings that give us much to hope for and much to aspire to. We carry the seeds of leaders and kings. Of… (more)

When Bad Things Turn Out Good and Then …

We’ve all had chapters in our life that started out crappy. Not necessarily as badly as being sold into slavery, but bad choices of partner or job, health diagnoses we could not dodge, empty bank accounts with too many bills in the queue. These are contemporary problems and the Torah is an old manuscript. But… (more)

Dreaming 202

Dreams of prophecy can portend great positives or seem ominous. There’s a theory that every one or thing in a dream is an aspect of self. That we’re playing out a tableau with the parts of our selves that don’t use linear logic or simple subject-verb-object sentences. Dreams are run by our higher selves, our… (more)

Dreaming 101

Going to sleep each night is an act of faith that we’ll wake up in the morning. A mini-death, at least to daily consciousness. The classic, When I lay me down to sleep we learned in childhood acknowledges our soul goes into the nether world. That’s exactly where we get spoken to in ways that,… (more)

Creating Change

Much of life is about reconciliation and enmity. Siblings reunited in one story and tribes launched into perpetual warfare in another: the seemingly endless cycle of killing in Israel/Palestine that we’ve lived with so long. It’s difficult to understand, but also important to hope for what seems most needed, fragile, and painfully elusive: shalom, peace…. (more)

That Holy Place

Where do you find complete peace? Emotional and spiritual sanctuary?  Feel fully open and receptive, without the distractions of fears, fretting, or lists of the mundane. A sense of expansive graciousness and serenity. A place of creative vitality. Experiencing wholeness at a visceral level. This is a great week to remember when you’ve had that… (more)

Lineage of Choice

This week’s a good time to think about how we make the world better, or worse, by how we act. Judaism has a concept called tikkun olam, repairing the world. It derives from the idea that cosmic harmony has been shattered and that it’s our job to put all the pieces together again. Think Humpty… (more)

Who’s Your Honey?

What do you look for and need in a partner? Why? In our part of the world arranged marriages are rare. But we often meet potential mates through friends, internet dating, or dumb luck. Anytime you’re single, it helps to know what you’re looking for. That means learning from your history as well as hoping… (more)

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