Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is treatment in a group setting. Rather than a single table in a private room, several tables in one big room gives the practitioner the opportunity to serve and watch over multiple patients all at once. In doing so, the space and time are maximized which keeps the cost lower and accessible for all.

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What is a sliding scale?

A sliding scale is a range of acceptable payment options. Where some sliding scales are correspondent to income, we ask that YOU choose what to pay based on your own unique circumstances. Be sure to factor in how often you need treatment in order to see results (on advisement from your acupuncturist). For example, if you need an increased frequency at the beginning or because of a new issue, you are invited pay less for a while. If you find yourself in times of greater prosperity, consider sharing your generosity so we can keep offering the low end of the scale. Just like everything in the natural world, we find it all balances out eventually.

The Magic of Community

While it may seem uncomfortable at first to heal/share/cry/express in the presence of others, remember that we are all in various stages of healing and disease all the time. As practitioners, we have witnessed the power of the synergy that happens in a room full of people who are healing quietly but together. It’s kind of like having a silent cheering section of your very own, a group of other healers and patients that are there holding space for you exactly where you are right now in your journey of health.

A few notes about etiquette and what to expect…

You’ll stay fully dressed so please wear pants and a shirt that are loose enough to go over your knees and elbows.

While we try for a quiet and peaceful setting, if you are someone who is sensitive to sound while you rest, consider bringing along a pair of earplugs.

You will have a total of one hour to relax and rest with your needles in place, from your scheduled appointment time to the time we come take the needles out. We can also watch the clock for you if you have a commitment and need less rest time, and you are welcome to send a directive glance if you find you are finished earlier. A minimum of 30 minutes with the needles in place is best.

Schedule an appointment

Book an appointment for community acupuncture by calling 541-465-9642. You will receive an email confirming your appointment and you may pay when you arrive.