Dancing in the Darkness

Hello Friends,

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at The Kali Durga Two-Step Retreat this weekend. Always as I prepare for an event, I experience my life through the lens of the retreat theme. Looking at the deeper aspects of the water element has been a powerful, need I say the most powerful examination of my life through viewpoint of the five elements. I’m seeing that it takes more than courage to do this deep work. Being that the nature of the water element includes shifting states of form, the landscape for exploration is vast. Personally, I have much more to discover. As I sit with the material and take it into meditation, the more nuances I see.

This juncture of the water element provides us the opportunity to up-level our lives and go beyond superficial layers of understanding into the deepest depths of what resonates at the core of our being. This Saturday we will go further. We will do this skillfully, refining our methods of inquiry and practice. Though the journey is an individual one, we will walk together, harnessing the support and collective power of community as we uncover the treasures and strength that lay hidden inside. If you’re not yet signed up, I hope you can arrange your life to be there. I truly look forward to working and being with you.

Love… Luke

Call the clinic with questions or to register: 541.465.9642

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