Duskin Becker, LMT

I was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon. My early interests in healing came from taking a body work class on Chinese medicine and acupressure through the Lane Community College Massage Therapy Program. During my massage education I found a community of body workers who loved their work and were inspired to share their techniques and theories of health with me. This in turn would later help me treat many different kinds of pain with my hands, heart and intellect. Learning about massage therapy and general health has motivated me to practice self-care through yoga, healthy food choices, mindfulness meditation and focusing on the joy of being kind and lighthearted to myself as well as others. Practicing mindfulness can show us how our habits make us more or less healthy, creating an opportunity for positive change. My drive to become a better healer comes from the profound changes I’ve seen in people while treating painful injuries as well as the positive change that happens in the lives of my clients when they practice healthy habits.¬† So often we consider headaches, stiffness and body pain to be normal because so many people struggle with it. However, in many cases it is possible to change painful bodies into comfortable capable ones with bodywork and realistic changes in lifestyle. My mission is to offer body work that leads people past their injuries to normal health in order to lead a better life. I believe when we keep ourselves truly healthy we elevate and inspire similar change in our friends, family and community. My bodywork accommodates clients looking for both a relaxing and pain relieving massage. ¬†Moreover, through my study of yoga and energy work I am able to offer tools for self-care, pain and discomfort. If you are new to massage, have had unsuccessful attempts at treating your body pain or are looking for a drug-free form of pain management¬† I am the right practitioner for you.