Freedom is More than Being Worry-free

My new program, The Ledge of Freedom, brings all of me to the table. It will support you to:

  • Establish a healthy, sustainable exercise and nutrition program, that can adapt and flow with change of seasons and life circumstance.
  • Learn and practice a powerful form of meditation that will give you the clarity you need to address problems and issues that arise, as well as, a deepened sense of inner calm that centers yourself and others.
  • To create life-long friendships that draw forward your best most creative, loving self.
  • Discover you’re not made of glass. You can handle hard shit. In fact you’re strength is far far greater than you know.
  • Increase your emotional literacy— be able to recognize your feelings and express them more skillfully.
  • Become more open and inviting to hearing other’s feelings without the need to fix or improve them.
  • Welcome whatever you’re feeling and begin to see uncomfortable emotions as opportunities for greater intimacy.
  • Be able to open yourself to who you love without having to defend yourself.
  • Become clear about what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.
  • Be less careful with how you speak but still loving.
  • Learn how to reconnect to your heart quickly.
  • Learn how to deepen your connection and build unbreakable trust.
  • Create enough energy, insight and lightheartedness to sustain the long and fleeting journey of life.

The Details

  • 11 monthly 2 hour Zoom sessions beginning in June.
  • A 5 day retreat centered on the four pillars of the Ledge of Freedom: Core Level Awakening, Meditation, Exercise and Nutrition, Sacred Community.
  • World-Class leadership, facilitation and instruction in the four pillars of The Ledge of Freedom program.
  • An online private community group to post regular check-ins, questions, give and ask for support.
  • Access to my expertise on nutrition and exercise, as well as, an online library of cleanses and nutrition programs I have developed over twenty years of clinical practice.
  • 50% off private Core Level Awakening sessions with Luke for the duration of the program, to add one-on-one support as needed.
  • 50% off the Roaring Heart Meditation retreat fee in October 2023 and Spring 2024 for you to deepen your meditation practice as you see fit.
  • The opportunity to create beautiful, soulful relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Admiration and feedback from people you respect and champion you to be all you dream to be.
  • A community of peers centered around transparency, raw courage, vulnerability, that honors the dignity of all that you are and aspire to be.


  • The Ledge of Freedom’s value is $2500
  • Program cost is $1800
  • Early bird price is $1600
  • Deposit of $800 received by April 27th
  • Additional discount for previous CLA 5 day course participants with a deposit of $800 received by April 27th.

Allow me and The Ledge of Freedom to support you in reaching deep within to find your best, and designing a lifestyle that allows you to show up daily with inspiration, joy and vision.

All Love…Luke

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