Have You Met Your People?

Community is critical for healing and growth…

I have seen so many people’s hearts open and bodies heal when they gather in community. When members of a group are seen, heard and embraced for all that they are, miracles happen on an individual and collective level. I have experienced people come into meditation or breathwork events who are emotionally downtrodden, energetically drained, or physically stressed and leave completely centered, refueled, and painfree. The techniques and methods I teach at my events are important and integral but what makes the biggest difference is the people. The power of community is real. 

Community is critical right now as the pandemic forced all of us into extended isolation. Over the past 2 years, many of us haven’t been able to connect to our people easily or at all. When we have, there has been little to no physical contact and we haven’t been able to see each other’s remarkable faces. Those who live alone have endured such loneliness and depression. Throughout the pandemic, my heart has broke, sometimes daily, over the stories I’ve heard of how Covid has affected people in so many detrimental ways beyond the physical.

In the summer of 2020, I was so desperate to connect to my community that I hosted a meditation campout. What a relief it was to be in nature and talk to familiar, loving faces. I drove home from the campout energized, heart fulfilled and ready to take on what life had in store for me.

Covid has taught me to truly appreciate the power of community, the love it has to offer, and the transformations it can create. If you haven’t met your people yet or you would like to add to your circle, I invite you to my community. The Indigo Meditation Retreat is a great way to get started.

The Indigo Meditation Retreat is 3 days of connecting to scintillating consciousness, floating in warm, comforting hot springs and enjoying people who see you, accept you and care about who you are. Let this retreat wash away the effects of isolation and revive you to life in the world again.

The next Indigo Meditation Retreat is at Summer Lake Hot Springs, which has the some of the best views in Oregon and the most nutrient rich hot springs to delight in.

Contact myself or Oriona with any questions you have about meditation or the upcoming retreat.

All Love…Luke

The Details:

  • Wed-Sun, May 18-22
  • Summer Lake Hot Springs
  • Sliding Scale for Retreat Fee:
    • $500-$700 (for established meditators, optional arrival on Wed, May 18)
    • $400-$600 (for new meditators, arrival on Thurs, May 19)
    • Dinner included in price.
    • Please choose a price on the sliding scale that is right for you.
  • Breathwork included
  • Lodging is a separate expense from the retreat fee.

Contact Oriona at [email protected] for more info.

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