How Commitment Strengthens Your Intuition

Commitment can trigger notions of forever, be it from the “till-death-do-us-part” variety or through feelings of imprisonment. Lonny Jarrett offers a different framework for the frightening word. He writes, “Commitment is the ability to be 100% present in any given situation.” Commitment allows you to be fully invested in the moment regardless of whether you agree, disagree, like or don’t like what’s occurring. When you invest your energy into the moment, the heart serves you with the power of its entire resources. The vast ocean of universal intelligence speaks to you through your intuition.

Commitment means you give yourself fully to whatever is in front of you right now. As you surrender to the now, the heart transmits grace to you from your soul. When you really settle into the moment and stop resisting life as it is, intuition spontaneously comes forward into being. Intuition arises when you accept reality exactly as it is and exactly as it is not.

Try this commitment exercise from my book, Born to Heal:

  • Can I be committed to the moment exactly as it is right now?
  • Can I be committed to my partner right now, one hundred percent?
  • Can I be committed to my job right now, one hundred percent?

Notice all the ways you hesitate and negotiate to avoid being present in your daily life. Write them down in a journal. One by one, use your intuition to feel out why you avoid being present.

Intuition is the byproduct of accepting life entirely as it is. Intuition is a gift from your heart. The heart honors you when you open to the moment and helps you see what you need to see to make life unfold more beautifully.

All Love…Luke

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