How Ignoring Your Painful Past is Affecting Your Body Now

One of the most important aspects of Core Level Awakening is that it wakes you up to each piece of yourself that you’ve kept hidden, safely tucked away from harm. One name for that hiding place is the shadow. The shadow is always with you, usually unseen, in the background; the thing you really want to say, but choose not to, so as not to stir the pot, shake things up, draw attention towards and so on.

Core Level Awakening is the act of consciously and courageously turning towards that, which you have turned away from, ignored, disowned, dismissed, and isolated within you.

  • For example, projection is a manifestation of the shadow. Projection is viewing someone’s behavior as distasteful, but being unwilling to see that same quality in you.
  • Reactivity or a disproportionate response to something someone else said reflects an aspect of the shadow that has not been worked with.
  • Shadow is also manifest in addiction whether it’s porn, sugar, drugs, excessive TV watching, alcohol and spiritual practices used to avoid pain. The addiction is what you do to cover up the shadow; the deeper feelings, memories, and sensations you’re trying to get away from.

Do any of these sound familiar?

The more you ignore your shadow the more power it gains. As it festers in the darkness, a ripe environment for bacteria, virus, fungus, and disease proliferates, reflected by emotional states such as aggression, passive aggression, toxic shame, indifference, apathy, excessive detachment, being cool, numbness and others. Yes, the shadow is the psycho-emotional rooting for physical disease.

When you turn towards these behaviors and examine their roots, you’ll find that you were conditioned to respond a certain way in order to survive, endure, or avoid stressful, painful and traumatic situations. When danger or stress arose in younger years an instinctual response emerged to fight, flee, freeze, please and plead. And much of this hardwiring in your nervous system remains unchanged when similar energies arise in your life now as an adult. Said another way, the way you responded in order to survive as a child has not changed much.

Isn’t it  time to change how you respond in relationship to yourself as well as with your loved ones? I can help you turn toward your shadow with strength, power, patience and compassion. 

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