How Meditation Profoundly Affects Your Daily Life

You have a choice in how you learn your life lessons. Life can be free of suffering or full of it. There will be difficulty and pain at times. That is the nature of life. To get out of your own way and allow the Universe to guide you is a matter of daily practice. I offer you such a practice.

In the absolute sense, you are already one with the Universe. In a relative sense, you are not. Both statements are true and valid. Just as you experience feelings and sensations of connection and separation on a daily basis with people in your life, the same is true about your connection with the Universe. To bring about the sustained experience of your Divinity into daily life requires some effort. Like anything worth your effort, the work starts with a regular practice. The most reliable path to that connection, validated by virtually every spiritual tradition, is meditation. The only effort required of you is to create a comfortable place to sit and make it there everyday.

Meditation allows Universal Love to infuse into the fibers of your mind and body. Meditation shows observable improvement in my ability to maintain an awareness of Universal Love in my daily life and healing work. I feel that awareness translate into my body and mind as physical strength, finesse, mental clarity, and a particular kind of sensitivity that allows me to respond more specifically in the moment. I know that the daily meditation practice I do works and that it benefits many people beyond myself.

In a sense, everyone meditates. The desire to still the mind, to experience a bit of mental and physical respite, is a self-borne desire. The yearning for freedom from the confines of mental and emotional pain is automatic. It’s part of your innate ability for life to move towards healing. Meditation is a gateway to that healing.

Join me next week at the Indigo Meditation Retreat and experience firsthand how meditation positively affects your mind, body, as well as your connection to your divinity.

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