How You Deceive Yourself

Our organ systems allow Nature to work through each one of us in a myriad of ways. Just to make it more complicated, each of us has lessons to learn rooted in the organ systems. Everyone also has a single organ system or two where most pathology and deceptive behaviors stem from. Which organ is your particular locus for such behavior is about both your personal history and how your body processes the learning of your life lessons.

Remember, suppression is a conscious act. When you engage in suppression, there is a distinct way you trick yourself to think and feel that your choices are for the best. This form of trickery feels utterly normal to you because you have done it your whole life. Therefore it may be hard to see objectively.

You may not be a specialist. You may even be adept at the various forms of self-deception below. But as you read the organ self-evaluation list below, pay attention to what resonates in your body, and to what questions trigger a Yes, that’s me!

  • In general, do I see the negative side of things more than the positive? (Lungs)
  • Do I justify my actions by saying and thinking that I have-to, got-to, should, or must do something a certain way? (Liver)
  • Do I ingratiate myself to others, putting my personal or essential needs on hold just to please someone else at my own expense? (Spleen)
  • Do I withhold information or omit pertinent information from others? (Kidneys)
  • Do I often lie to people to control my world? (Heart)

Which question(s) did I resonate with the most, or which bothered me the most? 
The question that triggered the most sensation in my body or resistance in my mind indicates the organ system that is the root of illness for me.

  • What behaviors and habits do I engage in to cover up my tendency to deceive myself and others? For example: food, television, sex, drugs, alcohol, sugar, video games…
  • What is the effect on my wellbeing?
  • What is the effect on others?

This is a quick check-in about how self-deception works through your belief system and your daily actions. Most people find a primary organ and a secondary organ through this first self-test. Once you have a sense of your organ system, pay attention to that area of your body and related signs and symptoms.

When you engage in one of these forms of self-deception, a feeling of constriction shows up in your throat, chest, gut or pelvis depending on which organ system is affected. Your body gives you immediate feedback that what you just said or did was not authentic to what your heart wanted you to say or do and now you are feeling the result of suppressing your truth. It doesn’t feel good. When you speak and act from your truth, the anticipation sometimes feels scary. But once you trust and take action, the heart takes over, and the soul fills in the details.

If you want more information about the organ systems that influence your deceptive behaviors, I can use different Chinese medicine methods to gather that information and educate you. Then we can incorporate acupuncture, breathwork and Core Level Awakening to begin healing the pathology that those organ systems are creating–physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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All Love, Luke

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