Is the Ledge of Freedom Right for You?

When choosing a program that has been developed to change your life, there is a lot to consider. It is a time and financial commitment, but most importantly, a commitment to your Self. The decision to join The Ledge of Freedom is about following your heart’s calling which takes bravery and a leap of faith. After you have registered for this program, you will have taken the next steps to see your worth and make yourself a priority.

The Ledge of Freedom is right for you, if…

  • You’re ready for life to really soar and your goals to come to fruition.
  • You’ve tried other forms of deep work, meditative practices but things haven’t quite clicked.
  • You feel like things are kinda working, but you can sense they could be even better.
  • You’ve plateaued in some or many areas of life and it depresses and or frustrates you.
  • You’re willing to trust your body to guide you to the truth.
  • You’re ready to put the support structures around you to live full-on.
  • You want to feel healthy and strong and better able to meet the challenges in your life.
  • You’re ready to turn your pain into skillful actions that deepen trust and connection.

It isn’t right for you if …

  • You like being anxious and depressed, tired and wired.
  • Mediocrity and unrealized potential are deeply fulfilling to you.
  • You don’t want those you love to be enriched, loved and nourished more deeply by your presence.
  • Being comfortable is more important than feeling alive and being in love with your life, especially when it gets difficult.
  • You don’t want to do the work to create a wonderful relationship with yourself or others.

What People Have Said About My Events & Programs

My relationships have been deeper, richer & more important. Core Level Awakening made me more aware of what I want to offer someone and what I want reciprocated. – Candy W.

Through Luke’s creative coaching I am able to tune into the space that needs more care and compassion and provide that for myself, and — in turn — to those I love. – Sarah L.

Every time I come on a retreat with Luke I find myself in a deeper, clearer way than I ever have before. It is truly a healing and connecting experience filled with Love. I’m so grateful to you! – Desiree L.

Wonderful, enlightening, and inspiring. I feel such joy and love coming from this new practice of meditation for me. Luke is a gifted, down to Earth, heart filled being who gives of himself so much. – Jann

Diving deep into the practice of meditation is a calling that cannot be ignored if you feel compelled. Luke is the most conscious teacher I have ever experienced. He teaches clearly while putting aside ego. I feel good about the tools I gained to take this practice into my daily life. I’m so grateful. – April E.

If you have more questions or need more information, give me a call at the office at 541-465-9642 or email Oriona at [email protected].

All Love…Luke

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