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The Luke Adler Healing blog is in a holding pattern, as I’ve been working on retreats, workshops, and my book over the last year. I am taking a break from teaching retreats and events for next six months to finish the book. In the mean time many people have asked about the blog and many wonderful ideas have been floated around by family and friends. The blog is renewing itself from the wisdom of our healing community. I am so happy to showcase unique, eclectic and courageous point of views that  reveal the vulnerability and tenacity to walk a spiritual/healing path and live in the “real world.”

Helen Rosenau is a talented gifted artist, healer and writer. She has become a dear friend of mine over the last four years and I am so pleased to have her writing for the Luke Adler Healing blog. Helen brings wisdom from years of her spiritual practice, and real life application of her heart centered values. I have enjoyed reading her work over the last few years and I hope you do too.

More Love… Luke

Without further adieu, enter Helen Rosenau …

Hi –

My name is Helen Rosenau. Like most folks I care about, I suspect you’ve gone through life as a seeker. For me that’s meant exploring a variety of traditions, and lots of time talking to, with, and about the beauty, mystery, and chaos of the cosmos. For all my eclectic ways, I’ve returned to the roots of my genetics for a practice, Judaism, though I’m on its mystical road: kabbalah, which means “to receive.” That’s how I believe most deep spiritual work is done, between the heart of the seeker and the heart of the universe.

Someone once asked what I believed in. I answered “synchronicity.” That’s still true. Now I’d also say, I believe we’re in an active conversation with the unseen. And if we’re not, we should be. 

Like Luke, I care about what opens the heart. I believe we’re sent into our incarnations to grow and learn. Our human ecosystem is heart, body, mind, and soul. That’s where we do our learning.

Sometimes life’s an elegant process. Often it feels like stumbling around, praying for love-–both human and divine –and too often settling for brownies. I write to find and inspire dialogue with the holy (and to keep the brownie lust at bay).

Mystical Judaism has a core idea of a holy spark within each of us. That’s what often keeps us going, one foot in front of the other, in our searching. What comforts us when we want to howl, and what helps us cope with our cosmic homework when we’re staring at the same lesson for the umpteenth time.

The good news: When you feel holy, all else is possible. You’re gonna get it right. And then you’re gonna get another lesson. That’s good news too, though it doesn’t always feel that way in the moment.

In daily life I’m at least as profane as I am sacred. I trust laughter as a path as well as suffering. I care deeply about learning how to live with greater goodness, wisdom, and compassion. Preferably punctuated by friendship, joy, and creativity to balance out all the soul wrestling.

Luke asked me to fill in while he’s finishing his book (hooray!!) I’m going to share some posts about the energies I think motivate and elevate us. I start from Torah, but my focus, interest, and emphasis are the joys and challenges of being human. I work with the metaphor of self-exploration and development, both spiritual and emotional.

I hope it’ll speak to you. That you’ll let the words rumble around in you, and listen to whatever they evoke. Like each of us, this is work in progress. I hope it touches you in some way.

Take good care –


P.S.: For more about who I am and what I do, go to kabbalahglass.com.

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