Learn How to Speak Up & Honor Your Feelings

If your feelings weren’t heard and your needs weren’t met as a child, you may have trouble speaking up for yourself and standing in your power as an adult. Also, if you have chosen a career in which you are helping others, you may find it hard to instill healthy boundaries as well as maintain work/life balance. Eventually this discord takes it toll on the body and can show up as fatigue, depression, anxiety and/or burnout. 

If you are ready to stop the neverending cycle of people-pleasing, Healer Studies II & III is for you. This workshop is not just for those that are healing practitioners, it is for anyone who is ready to build the strength necessary to be more of a leader in his/her/their family, community and career.

In Healer Studies II & III you will learn how to:

  • Easily move through conflict
  • Speak up for yourself with strength
  • Instill healthy boundaries with conviction
  • Transform anger into motivation to move forward on your path
  • Stay aligned with your dreams so you can bring them to fruition
  • Use the power of breathwork to connect with any pieces of the past or future that feel fragmented so you can bring healing and wholeness to the present moment

Join me on the quest to meet your healer within.

All Love…Luke

The Details

  • Healer Studies II & III
  • Sat- Sun, Feb 12-13
  • 9:00-5:00 pm
  • Luke Adler Healing
  • 1633 Willamette St.
  • $400
  • Covid protocol for events will be in place.

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