Learn One of the Best Ways to Escape

Escape…you do it, I do it…and we all do it in different ways. I like to escape through activities like running, surfing, and shopping, but my favorite is meditation. I have found it to be the most satisfying way to let go of busyness and sink into relaxation. I have tried many different methods of meditation and I have found one that is effortless, healing, and rejuvenating. Everytime I finish meditating with this method I am fueled up for the next task on the checklist. The basics of it is: sit…breathe…allow…melt…rest…repeat.

I know you may think that meditation can’t be that simple but the practice I teach allows you to access profound peace and wholeness. The practice gets at the deep accretions from past suppression, of which we all want to escape from, and finally releases them.

In fact, in a short period of time and with regular practice you will witness your progress on the path that will translate into your being more effective in your career, relationships, finances and so on. You will begin to notice that you are not escaping into meditation to get away from your reality but to get regrounded so you can efficiently move through life. This is a practice for people who want to develop their spiritual lives and be effective in the real world.

I host meditation retreats throughout the year because I love this method of meditation and I want to share it with the world. Meditation combined with inner work and the power of community is a trifecta of transformation. The Indigo Meditation Retreat introduces you to a new way of navigating your world. By the end of a retreat, you will have a thorough understanding of how to meditate easily and effectively and access the deep healing space that your body, mind and soul naturally have access to.  

I designed the retreat to be a comprehensive introduction and immersion into the practice of meditation, perfect for a newcomer and equally potent for the seasoned practitioner. You will thoroughly learn how to meditate correctly in order to bring forward the experience of ease and enlightenment.

The next Indigo Meditation Retreat is at Summer Lake Hot Springs, one of my favorite places to visit in southern Oregon. It is rustic, mystical and expansive. I can’t wait to go back. The hot springs are full of nourishing minerals that heal and greatly benefit your body.

All Love…Luke

The Details:

  • Wed-Sun, May 18-22
  • Summer Lake Hot Springs
  • Sliding Scale for Retreat Fee:
    • $500-$700 (for established meditators, optional arrival on Wed, May 18)
    • $400-$600 (for new meditators, arrival on Thurs, May 19)
    • Dinner included in price.
    • Please choose a price on the sliding scale that is right for you.
  • Breathwork included
  • Lodging is a separate expense from the retreat fee.

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