Breathwork with Oriona

May 15, 2020



Balancing the Feminine & Masculine

Each of us is made up of and driven by feminine and masculine energy. Sometimes those energies become unbalanced through the give and take of everyday life as well as being in relationship to others. One of the energies is usually more dominant than the other and it is important to stay in touch with your body so that you don’t go to the extremes. Learn about healthy vs. unheathy feminine and masculine energy. Discover where you are on the balance scale between the two. Then allow breathwork with Oriona to bring your feminine and masculine energies back into alignment. 

The Details:

Friday, May 15
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Luke Adler Healing
$35 or 2 for $60

Co-ed event.

Things to bring to breathwork:

  • eye pillow
  • extra blanket (if you prefer extra cushion or warmth)
  • water bottle
  • chapstick
  • thick yoga mat (optional)

Click here to learn more about breathwork.


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Individual, Bring a friend


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