Gentle Yoga, Crystal Bowls & Breathwork: SOLD OUT

November 15, 2019

Balanced Hot Yoga and Luke Adler Healing have come together to create an evening trifecta of gentle yoga, crystal singing bowls and breathwork in order to smooth and soothe every part of your being. Renee will start the evening with a gentle yoga sequence that will ease tension and stress in your body. Next, Luke will follow with a breakthrough breathwork session that will disconnect you from your busy mind and reconnect you to your knowing heart. Renee will then close the evening with a sound bath of crystal bowls that will help you feel re-centered, restored and serene. How does get any better than that?

Take the night off from life and focus on you…

Friday, November 15 @ 7:30-9:00 pm

Balanced Hot Yoga
1669 Willamette St. (across the parking lot from Luke Adler Healing)

Early Bird Special!
$35 until 11/14
$45 at the door

Space Limited! Bring a yoga mat.

A little more about Renee Taylor:

Renee sees asana as a way to provide students an opportunity to move with intention, a most approachable form of meditation. In a studio setting, she loves to create an atmosphere of curiosity & joy. Renee loves holding space for others while they focus on keeping their mind & body tuned in. Each lesson learned on the mat translates impressively into life off the mat. “As an instructor sharing this practice of awareness, discipline & curiosity I am constantly challenged and inspired by my students. I hope to reflect this back to my students. I love to see people identify their strengths and redefine their “weaknesses” through this process of self inquiry. This powerful practice has absolutely changed my life (and continues to do so!) & sharing it is my honor and privilege.”


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