Harvest Healing Gathering

November 18, 2016

Fall is the time for us to come together, as we prepare for the transition into winter!

Autumn is also the time to celebrate our hard work throughout the year, and in doing so, savor the harvest. Come join us for a nourishing and powerful evening with the exceptional team at Luke Adler Healing as we foster the light inside of us and celebrate our community. We are so looking forward to this time with you.



Experience breathwork with Luke Adler L.Ac. and learn how to become more skillful in the most important relationships in your life by looking into the nature of family, Love and healing. I’m really looking forward to diving in deep with my extended family, all of you.

Catch A Breakout Session:

The 3 Things You Need to Know (and the crucial first step you need to take) to Balance Your Hormones Naturally with Dana LaVoie L.Ac. In this session I’ll show you where to start for natural relief from PMS, menopause, and peri-menopause symptoms—this is the foundation for all other natural methods of hormonal balancing.

Be inspired by Sarah May L.Ac. Sarah will share about the power of community acupuncture and how it is changing healthcare and inspiring communities to utilize preventative medicine. Receive auricular (ear) acupuncture to calm your nervous system and deepen your sleep.

Meet Melinda Wheeler L.Ac., she will offer Classical Chinese pulse exams with herbal recommendations. She’ll also be teaching Qi Gong for immune health. Come learn the easeful and powerful form that “treats the 100 diseases!”

This will be a Potluck style gathering. All are welcome!
Please RSVP at 541 465 9642 or [email protected]
Friday November 18th 6:30pm -9:30pm | Luke Adler Healing 1633 Willamette St.


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