Healer Studies Level II & III: Skillfully Speaking Your Truth and Setting Healthy Boundaries

November 3-4, 2018


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Boundaries are essential to proper development. Knowing your boundaries and establishing them is another matter. This class will help you learn to feel into your needs and how to express them in an honoring way. Yes, your boundaries will be challenged, especially as you clarify them. Explore the art of setting your boundaries, be it gently or with ferocity, when needed.

Often when we do suss out our needs and appropriate boundaries, we think our work is done. But usually life continues to present us with more people to challenge our boundaries. In reality the challenge is to have our boundaries on tap and be able to set them and remove them or parts of them on demand.

Our boundaries do not absolve us from keeping a watchful eye on those people that intend to challenge them. We are not off the hook from being in relationship with harmful energies once we’ve established a boundary.

The skill required here is to retain some attunement to our own wounded-ness and developmental need to incubate in order to heal our hurt while retaining a thread of awareness to the wound of the person that is seeking to cross our boundary.We don’t attune so much to the other to take on or feel their pain for them, we attune barely enough to their underlying pain, so as to set a boundary that still honors their dignity. In other words, when we set a boundary, allowing our pain to have free reign to annihilate the other may be necessary in rare and extreme occasions. However the art and skill in setting boundaries progresses as we titrate the right dose of anger and heart that makes the boundary felt, honored and has enough awakening force to bring some healing to the other.

If this is a skill you would like to build, we would love to have you! Breathwork and Core Level Awakening included.

Join us 9 am to 5 pm  Saturday and Sunday, Nov 3 & 4

Call to register 541-465-9642 or click the button to register online.


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