Healer Studies—The Water Phase

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Facing the Darkness, the Warrior Within is the fifth level of Nourishing the Healer series focused on the kidneys and the energetics of water. The kidneys are said to be the container for your life lessons. Ultimately spiritual practices are designed for you to build the strength needed to face the darkest parts of yourself. A major component of all the Healer Studies Classes is self cultivation. Luke will revisit seated meditation through out the course as the principle way for you to cultivate the presence of Universal Love through your being. In Facing the Darkness, the Warrior Within you will learn to work with the darkest of your fears, sexual energy, and what the Buddhist tradition calls rakshasic energies—possession of dark forces. As you gain skill in working with your own dark side you will be able to support others through these most difficult spaces to heal. You will work with the breath to guide others into and through some of these spaces and help connect the darkness to the light.


I’ve been working with my deepest fears and sexual energy intentionally for quite sometime. I’m really looking forward to diving into this rich material with you all. This is sure to be a powerful Healer Studies class that will bring you into contact with the luminous warrior of Love that your are. We’re gonna have a great time bringing the light into this often overlooked area of our souls which ironically are the most powerful aspects of our being. Hope you can make it! Love…Me


December 3rd and 4th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

1633 Willamette St. Eugene, OR 97401


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