Healer Studies V: Awakening the Warrior Within

May 25-26, 2019

Awakening the Warrior Within will prepare you to work with the darkest of your fears, sexual energy, and what the Buddhist tradition calls rakshasic energies — possession of dark forces. As you gain skill in working with your own dark side, this in turn, will aid you in supporting others through their most difficult spaces to heal. You will work with the breath to guide others into and through some of these spaces and help connect the darkness to the light.’

We will explore topics like:

  • Transforming your deepest wounds into a source of your greatest strength
  • Developing fierce compassion
  • Gaining intimacy with how reactivity, dissociation, suppression show up in you
  • How to be a healthy whistle blower and practice conscious transparency in order to create more intimacy and trust
  • Knowing your sexual energy
  • Working with shame and toxic sexual shame
  • Exploring abuse and how this energy may move thru your lineage
  • Exploring how to work with sexual predator energy
  • Understanding emotional and sexual numbness
  • Boundaries and ethics around sexual energy with the work
  • The myth of consenting adults and authentic consent
  • Freeing sex from the obligation to make you feel better by discharging unintegrated shadow material.
  • How to work with and facilitate difficult and resistant people

Breathwork Training and yummy snacks included.

Sat.-Sun., May 25-26

9:30 am-5:00

At Luke Adler Healing, 1633 Willamette St.

Exchange: $400

(If you have attended Healer Studies V previously, you will receive $100 off)



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