Love, Connection & Deep Appreciation Workshop with Luke Adler

February 15, 2020


Price includes your plus one!

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Do you want to be closer to a special someone, be it friend or partner? Creating love and connection takes time, communication and creativity. Yes, gifts, cuddles and kisses are wonderful, but a strong relational foundation makes all the difference. Would you like some tools to build that foundation?

The Love, Connection & Deep Appreciation Workshop will enhance your relationship resume by increasing your ability to speak with truth and clarity, to connect through the heart, and to express love and appreciation with deep sincerity. The workshop will begin with discussion around building intimate relationships with friends and partners. Next, Luke will teach you techniques to get in touch with your feelings as well as hold space for another’s. Then you will have time to practice these techniques with your partner or friend. Lastly, you will integrate all of the work you accomplished through a breathwork session.  The breathwork session will focus on opening your heart, creating deeper connection to yourself as well as manifesting more intimacy with your loved ones.

Love, Connection & Deep Appreciation Workshop with Luke Adler
Saturday, Feb 15
6:30-9:00 pm
Wild Light Yoga Center
820 Charnelton St.
2 for $75

Bring a friend or partner and a yoga mat.


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