Men’s Core Level Awakening Adventure Retreat

August 31-September 4, 2022

The world has changed. And the character that’s needed to address society’s issues has changed with it.

Grinding through life head down with brute force is not well suited to meet such challenges. Allowing reactivity to take center stage accompanied by perpetual burnout is not the recipe for vitality and a unified world.

A way of being that is more refined, subtle, inclusive, respectful and big enough to hold everyone’s dignity central calls forth.

I know you’ve felt it.

It’s a combination of our raw strength intermingled with our raw heart, lit by a mature adult discernment encompassing a multi-generational vision.

Fighting against ourselves or the other does not work.

Giving up, becoming indifferent, numb or spiritually by-passing also does not work.

The capacity to settle into what’s here, to become intimate with the ungraspable and to act from a place beyond meaning and purpose is simply the next evolution of what Nature asks of us.

It is as if Nature is crying out,

“Put down your head and take up your heart. Put down your need to know and draw up your guts. Now move!”

To stand at the live edge of evolution in awe of it’s actual unfoldment is the juncture where life and death simultaneously unfold.

It’s the locale that calls us home again and again.

And it is time to heed such a call not as a one time arrival, but as a practice of returning to our very source and inviting others into their heart of hearts.

This fall I invite you to take up such work with the Core Level Awakening Men’s Adventure Retreat in the beautiful ponderosa forests of Crescent Lake in the high cascades.

Day hikes into high mountain lakes will be our sanctuary to dive into our work as well as the pristine waters.

We will have access to a cabin with a full kitchen, bathrooms and 5 beds. Camping is also available.

The location will allow us to enjoy the raw outdoors as well as enjoy the comforts of a home. Equipped with a sauna, paddle boards and canoe, we will have time and space to relax, to not grind but rather unwind and practice finding our core with sensitivity and care.

I whole-heartedly invite you to the adventure.

Must have attended at least one Core Level Awakening retreat or have done some work with me individually.

Dates: Wed-Sun, August 31 – Sept 4

Exchange: $950 for camping, $1050 for a bed

All meals are included and we will cook and clean together.

Give the office a call at 541-465-9642 or email Oriona at [email protected] with any questions.

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