Men’s Core Level Awakening Winter Retreat

February 20-23, 2020


Spots available!

Men’s Winter Retreat

An incredible invitation to look within and move through the blocks and stagnancy that keep you in the same cycles and patterns. Express openly, be seen, be heard in a safe container of unconditional love, understanding and support. Connect with an awesome group of men that are ready to take the deep dive to the core with you and break free.

What is Core Level Awakening?

Core Level Awakening wakes you up to each piece of yourself that you’ve kept hidden, safely tucked away from harm. One name for that hiding place is the shadow. The shadow is always with you, usually unseen, in the background; the thing you really want to say, but choose not to, so as not to stir the pot, shake things up, draw attention towards and so on.

Core Level Awakening is the act of consciously and courageously turning towards that, which you have turned away from, ignored, disowned, dismissed, and isolated within you.

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About the Location

We will be traveling to a fantastic cabin at Crescent Lake. The cabin is equipped with a large fireplace, amazing views and a rejuvenating sauna. We will share food, share time and our hearts. Luke will guide us on a snowshoe hike to and from the cabin. We will backpack our personal items and the rest will be pulled on a sled.


The Details

Thurs-Sun, Jan 23-26

Crescent Lake, OR




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