Transformational Acupuncture with Luke, Ellie & Arista

January 17, 2020


Spots available!

Luke, Ellie and Arista, our dynamic trio of acupuncturists, are coming together to offer a new experience with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Most people go to acupuncturists to receive relief from pain and stress. Did you know that this method of medicine can do so much more? Discover the power of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for spiritual insight, deep communion, and blissful tranquility.

The evening will start off with introductions and an overview of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in it’s therapeutic form. Next, you will be invited to set your intention and then lay down to rest with the needles placed in distinct locations in order to promote profound relaxation. Luke will lead you in breathwork for a few moments and then invite you to rest in shavasana while listening to meditative music.

Friday, Jan 17, 2020
6:30 pm -8:00 pm
Luke Adler Healing
1633 Willamette St.

Light Breathwork Included!

Space Limited


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