Universal Warrior of Compassion Meditation Retreat

August 24-28, 2016

Dive deep into the practices of Meditation and Breathwork in the beautiful setting of Crescent Lake

The power of healing that occurs in your presence is in proportion to the quality of space you hold for the Universe to move through you. Real transformation, lasting healing occurs because people experience a new possibility for their lives. Something new cannot be something recycled, rebranded, reformatted from something in the past. To speak plainly, something new has to come from God. To bring true inspiration forward, first go within.

The intention of the UWC Meditation Training is to enhance your capacity to bring your healing presence into the world whether it be professional or more informally. Learn to establish a regular practice that feeds your work to uplift the planet. To offer service overtime, your mind, body and spirit must be tended to. You need a practice that cleanses and releases the psychic accumulations of interacting with the external world. You need a practice that strengthens your central nervous system to hold increasing potencies of Universal Light. You need a practice that you can dive into and be rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the next task, a practice that transforms you into a Universal Warrior of Compassion. Wield the full power of the Light through you and hold a space where others can come and have an experience of their inner Light.

A new component of the UWC meditation retreat is self expression. We will look at art, music, poetry, prose, acting, and dance as essential aspects of bringing your light into the world. Prepare to have lots of fun and breakthroughs around expression with a group of courageous, heart-centered people.

Retreat begins Wednesday evening and ends Sunday at five pm.

You may take 1-3 days of the retreat at the daily rate

All camping will be at the campground, less than a quarter mile away from the cabin.

Meal will be community style. Everyone will be responsible to prepare one meal, lunch or dinner, for the entire community. We will provide the menu and groceries.

Exchange: $500 camping | $575 Lodging | $150 per day camping | $160 per day Lodging

Crescent Lake, Oregon

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Camping, Regular cabin


Full event, One day, Three days, Two days


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