Love and Healing Healing and Love

Love and Healing Healing and Love the stars at night flashing above
The sweet grass, Palo Santo, cedar, and sage, with honor to you respectfully I engage

Love and Healing Healing and Love the Sun the Moon, your eyes reflecting the Love
Indigo springs, Bryce creek, the Mckenzie, and Sea, to the one in all the all moving in me

Love and Healing Healing and Love my brother my sister the heart gives a nuge
The whisper, the secret, messages to share, my family, tribe, community come near

Love and Healing Healing and Love filled to the brim, it’s more than enough
Too much I cry, the nectar too rich, you love me, I love you, the heart needs a stitch

Love and Healing Healing and Love, It’s all around us, the idolic peace dove
Hanuman, Laxshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh, the deites magnificent, the last one Mahesh

Healing and Love … I love the spring
Healing and Love … the spring loves me
Healing and Love … my friends and family so dear
Healing and Love … together united no space for fear
Healing and Love … are an elixir so pure
Healing and Love … the alchemy meant to endure

Love and Healing … it’s all that I need
Love and Healing … like a farmer to a seed
Love and Healing … a gift to the world
Love and Healing … like the luminous blue pearl
Love and Healing … my purpose is found
Love and Healing … enough to go around

Healing is Love, that’s the truth
Love is Healing, Like my Moof

Healing and ………………………………………. love.
Love and …………………………………………. healing.

Are you beginning to get my meaning, or are you simply enjoying the feeling…

Love and Healing Healing and Love

4 comments on “Love and Healing Healing and Love”

  1. Paula Taylor says:

    Healing and Love, Love and Healing.
    Recharging, Rebirthing, and Remembering.
    Healing and Love, Love and Healing.
    So much, So little, So never ending.

  2. Luke Adler says:

    Love and You, You and Me
    Together, oneness, like family
    You and Love, You and Me
    It's fun to share, you, me, and Thee

  3. Paula Taylor says:

    Away from home, my friends, my bed.
    You are there in my heart and head.
    Strength and courage and love and light.
    An adventure beginning that feels so right.
    Fear and cheer. Shy and cry.
    Tomorrow a beginning. For the rest of my life.

  4. Paula Taylor says:

    Amma's first hug. Just She and I.
    Awareness. Togetherness. Oneness.
    Sight. Senses. Energy. Scents. Overwhelming.
    Just She and I. Just She and I and the Universe.

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