Stop & Take a Breather

Fall is here and the great turn within has come with it. The time for a little more rest and slower breaths is upon us.

It is a societal norm for you to put your health and well-being as a last priority on a long list of responsibilities. This eventually catches up with you and you can feel overwhelmed, lackluster and fatigued. Living this way long-term leads to illness and separation from your community. It’s time to break this pattern and heal.

Breathwork helps to release stress, reconnects you to your heart, and refuels your body. Doing breathwork in community heightens your sense of belonging and plugs you into something greater than yourself.

Come to HEAL on October 21st and bring a friend. It’s free! See familiar faces and meet new ones. 

HEAL will also give you the chance to give Ellie Grove, one of our awesome practitioners, a loving send off. She is spreading her wings and moving to Portland to begin the next chapter of her life and she will be greatly missed by myself and her patients in Eugene.

Fri, Oct 21 from 7pm-9pm
Veterans Memorial Bldg
1626 Willamette St.
Cost: This one is on us
Please RSVP

See you there.

All Love…Luke

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