Stop Feeling Separate

Emotion is a compass that points to your heart. Your heart connects you to your soul. Suppressed emotions result in feeling separate from your soul. Separation from your soul is perpetuated by suppression of your emotions. Suppression perpetuates the myth that you are separate from all that fills you with joy. It is hard to remember that you are a part of the whole when you feel angry, lonely, afraid, sad, bored, jealous, or _____(insert your most habituated reactive emotional response here).

Suppression impacts your health, and if left unchecked, impacts organ function. I call this progression the “Sequence of Separation” because the act of suppression separates you from the insight of your heart. The Sequence of Separation is based on an ancient Chinese medicine theory of disease. It is a long lineage that transcends history and geography. In a way, the sequence is a barometer for how well we navigate our life lessons.

Suppression requires a conscious moment of acknowledgment to make something become unconscious. In order to suppress something in a wakeful moment, you dismiss it from your awareness. To take suppression a step further-to go unconscious-you have to create a reason, belief, or make up a story to convince yourself to suppress your truth. The big problem is this: if the thing you want to suppress is something that your heart wants you to face and heal, you’re paddling against the current. Eventually you will have to return to this scene and act with awareness. Everything you do to suppress your truth is only a temporary warding off; you’re building a wall you will need to take apart later, stone by stone.

I go into the effects of suppression in my book, Born to Heal. I can also help you pinpoint where you are keeping suppressed feelings by working you with in-person or virtually. Give the office a call at 541-465-9642 to hop on my schedule.