The Argument of Nature

As long as the sun shines, the rain falls,
and the world spins, you will heal, physically
mentally, emotionally, and spirituality.
Follow Nature
The pace of nature is elegant. The night blooming jasmine, emits her intoxicating fragrance hours after dusk. The desert rose curls centripetally inwards as the moon rises, with the peaking sun the desert rose uncoils white spindles of fleshy petals reaching towards the suns’ rays. 

The timing of Nature is exquisite.

Gradual, steady, Nature displays its power, beauty and force with rhythm and timing. The ocean tide, steadily rises and falls, swells and subsides with exact calculation.

We can count on Nature because She is true to her Self. She honors her pace.

I notice the opposite phenomenon in myself at times and in our world. Rushing to work, high stepping from patient to patient, scarfing lunch down with minimal enjoyment. The pace of Nature is forgotten and my energy, inspiration, and enjoyment wane. How do I become steady, consistent, and strong? Watch the Old Growth Doug Fir. Year after year, from the heartwood concentric circles over lay themselves upon one another. Five hundred years later the great grandfather tree is still going. I can learn a lot from Nature.

How do you go from disease to ease … with lasting improvement? We do it like Nature.
I can’t argue with Nature. Nature is steady. In most instances a disconnection from Nature is always at the source of disease and in order to correct it we must reconnect to our source — to Nature.
We forget we are Nature too.  Like plants and animals we are born of the natural elements. This is where we physically come from and will return.
How do you heal the afflictions of worldly life? Connect with Nature in you.
I’m not talking necessarily about forests, flowers, and water here — although that helps too. What I’m getting at is forming a connection to your Natural rhythms. Not the rhythms of work life, home life, or evening traffic. I talking about Your Rhythm.
Nature as it freely and spontaneously seeks to express itself through you. Where to you block, impede, go unconscious and on automatic to your Nature? Do you know what I’m referring to? Nature is always making a play at reminding you to sync up.
Are you in sync with that pulsation?
Healing happens when we align with the undulating surge of life force. We are not meant to be at 100 percent output all the time. The lifewave rises powerfully forth surging to its crest and gently coalescing back to its source. The intercostal muscles contract drawing the ribs in all direction, the lungs fill with life giving oxygen, exhaling the ribs retract. On and on Nature shows its power. When we are not careful with nature, She reminds us with illness. How can we more fully attune to Nature?
This is our constant inquiry.
Healing. You can disagree with science, religion, politics and so on, but Nature… Nature is its own authority. And you are Nature. Tune in.
Food for Thought. Thought for Food
Love Out,

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