The Energy Wants to Move

Acupuncture is energy medicine. This morning as I began treating patients. I noticed the energy differently than before. Something came together. “Clicked” if you will. How it usually goes is after my I perform the intake, exam, assessment and diagnoses I turn to my intuition and feel into what would be the best treatment for the patient. At this point in my career most of this happens automatically. Today something revealed itself in a more vivid way.

I usually begin my point prescription with one point. This morning I did just that. After the point went in, I immediately saw a change in the energy flow of the patient and I could see where it was stuck. When I say “see”, I mean I could see with my eyes and sense with my intuition where energy wanted to flow and where it was blocked. From here I preceded to follow the body’s cues and use my training to choose the best point to balance the system. Energy continued to open and balance. The patients could feel the change too. The changes were instantaneous.

Personally, this feels like a stage change rather than an opening of a state that closes down. A whole new realm of interaction opened to me that before was kind of piecemealed together. I realize my practice of medicine is evolving and I am able to more permanently remain steady with me intuition. I play in the realm of energy all the time, today it feels more tangible, perceptible, and intriguing.

In reflecting, this level of interaction has always occurred. Although my awareness was somewhere else, more in my head perhaps, with occasional energetic openings. It feels a little like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget. Another level of sight opened, and my vision is more clear.

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