The Healing Flow of Love and Exchange

Whatever you do next, please do not think of a yellow rhinoceros.

This is the subtle nature of the mind. Whether you like it or not, when something calls for your attention, it’s a near impossibility to stop the mind. In Chinese medicine we view the thinking mind as part of the Spleen organ system. We call it the Yi Spirit.

The Yi or intellect is very powerful in creating meaning. Sometimes this function of making meaning is very empowering and life affirming and other times it takes the opposite position.

Awareness is free, always looking for something more enticing, sweet, and lovely to move towards; searching for where the grass is greener so to speak.

The ability to digest, assimilate nutrients and nourish the body and the mind is a Spleen function. The food you eat, people you spend time with, thoughts you think affect you. How do you feed your mind?

This retreat we will examine the multi level functions of the spleen along with its pathological and homeostatic archetypes to better understand the messages of the body/mind. We will dive deep into meditation and through breath work open up to a higher flow in relationship with Spirit.

You are invited to an intimate setting on the pristine crystalline shores of Crescent Lake, nestled in the heart of the Cascade calderas.  Our accommodation is a beautiful cabin near the base of Diamond peak on the plateaus touching the Three Sisters, Mt Bachelor, Broken Top, Mt. Thielsen and their glacial watersheds.  This is the part of Oregon called God’s country because its vast beauty will take your breath away. If you’re ready to increase the strength of your entire being, join me for this awesome weekend of healing, friendship and adventure.

Love… Luke

The Healing Flow of Love and Exchange:
A Retreat at Crescent Lake, Oregon

August 31 – September 2
$275 – 375*
early registration $25 discount
*meals and accommodations included
(register by 8/17)

One comment on “The Healing Flow of Love and Exchange”

  1. Liz says:

    The Healing Flow of Love and Exchange is truly where my journey began. When I feel stuck emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I now have the tools to move through the experience. With each acupuncture session and healing retreat, I find that I can use the tools with greater ease. I am so thankful for Luke Adler Healing and the community of people that I have met through his work. I’m excited to watch as his practice grows and impacts our community, encouraging people to open their hearts to love.

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