The Ledge of Freedom

Become Unstoppable in Manifesting Your Vision

Life eventually, asks for everything you got. It asks for your best and then more. It knocks you down and sometimes keeps punching.

The Ledge of Freedom is about getting back up, reaching deep within to find your best, and designing a lifestyle that allows you to show up daily with inspiration, joy and vision.

The Ledge of Freedom is a concept in eastern mysticism that describes an inner spaciousness, a place of peace, strength, and clarity that grows as a seeker of the Truth and begins to settle within your Sacred Core. As your identity reforms and anchors in greater proximity to your Essence, the virtues of your deepest Self come into the foreground of your personality. When your intention derives from this place, you become unstoppable to manifest your vision. As the Ledge of Freedom grows, your strength becomes indomitable. As the chaos of life swirls around, a deep stillness holds you.

What does it take to live the life you were destined to live?

Everything you got.

How do you actualize that? The answer is here.

I have created Ledge of Freedom as a program that brings together the best of what I offer and practice. The four pillars of the program are the key to a rich, joyful life that makes a difference in the world.

The four pillars increase your strength to face challenge, and they heighten your flexibility to roll with change.

The four pillars of The Ledge of Freedom.

1. Meditation – an inner cultivation practice to support spiritual growth.

Meditation is the key to insight and a centered, balanced nervous system.

The power to recognize solutions to our most pressing problems and issues requires a quiet mind that can see past the surface presentations. A peaceful, grounded and aligned mind and body, as well as the skill to return to such a state is one of meditation’s many blessings. Without a powerful spiritual tool, we are too easily affected by the barbs and blows that life delivers, at times sporadically and at times in overwhelming force. Authentic meditation allows us to open to the Grace needed to reduce the impact of life’s challenges. I teach a streamlined form of meditation with further nuanced instruction.

2. Core Level Awakening – commonly known as shadow work – psycho-spiritual inquiry to heal trauma and limited impressions of who you are and how you express yourself.

Core Level Awakening teaches you to understand the history of your pain, how it remains in your body, and influences the decisions you make consciously or otherwise. As you gain a felt sense of freedom, to feel the nuances of all your emotions, you more skillfully navigate the complex field of relationship with others. Having thoroughly mined your own pain, you naturally lead with empathy. You begin to stand for love, healing and connection with boundaries when needed. Preferring honesty and integrity you offer others a clear invitation to show up authentically no matter how unsavory that may be.

3. Exercise and Nutrition – Without a healthy body, it is difficult to maintain a strong mind and spirit.

I will offer you expertise on nutrition and exercise as well as an online library of cleanses and nutrition programs I have developed over twenty years of clinical practice.

4. Community – a tribe to love, support, and hold you accountable to your vision and wellbeing.

A community that reflects your highest potential and beauty, holds you lovingly accountable to your intentions, offers empathy and encouragement is an immeasurable gift and blessing. For such a community to manifest, its members must want it, and put in the action to do so. The Ledge of Freedom program creates the context, environment and structure to generate and sustain a community of this magnitude.

Join me on this amazing adventure to the Ledge of Freedom. I am honored to be your guide.

All Love…Luke

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