the one you are looking for.

it’s amazing how a sunny morning can change my whole day.

even more amazing, is how it changes around me.
here in the PNW we value sunshine;
we are grateful for it every time it shows up.

some of you who are thinking, “no! i need a few more weeks of transition time before i shed all the layers i’ve been using to protect myself throughout the long, long winter.” i agree with you! it is challenging to make the transition so quickly. i know, without a doubt however, that we will get a few more days of rain to help with reflection and contemplation before the big spring shift occurs.

that being said, on days like today i catch myself considering how i might re-create the effect that the blazing light of a sunny day has on me, in my own dark times.

now you might laugh, but i mean this literally… at least for those of us who endure the winter in cold, rainy, damp, grey oregon for all of the winter months. we don’t know what else to do but bask in the light of spring (when it finally arrives).

i notice the following about myself and others when the sun is out:
i must get outside, i must commune with nature,
something that always makes me feel incredible
i smile more and others smile back
i make more of an effort to make eye contact, others do too
i laugh more
i am sweeter in my thoughts and interactions
..maybe even more authentic?
i would even go so far as to say that i get more accomplished when it’s sunny out

i guess then, the question is how do we re-create the effect of the sun in our lives?

what qualities do we imbue ourselves with to better prepare us for life’s challenges?

how can we consciously meet a situation, person or moment in life with the intention and energy that is given to us when we are re-charged?

here are some of the responses i received when i posed this question

what do you do to recharge?
eat lots of fruits and vegetables, slowly
spend time by myself
watch television
read a book
go for a walk
hang out with friends
go out and be in nature
hang out with good friends and loved ones
burn palo santo and sage
practice yoga, in a class or by myself

it seems that reoccurring theme for this time is cultivating relationships,
healthy and nurturing ones….
the ‘good for you’ ones, not only with others, but with yourself.
a great teacher once said,
“the one you are looking for, is the one who is looking”.

all love, melinda.

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