The Phoenix of Destiny: How to Grow Up Around Being Uncomfortable

Torment has become a constant companion over the last few months, as I’ve struggled to write my book. At first, prose flowed out of me like the Willamette river in the November. The last month or so writing has felt like repeated cavity fillings. You know the sound of the drill and that gritty toothpaste they use at the end of cleanings. That’s what it feels like. Uggghhh!

I’ve really dedicated myself to the process of writing and I am making progress. At the same time I’m really missing writing for the blog. Keeping it all for the book feels like I’m hoarding this magnificent secret and it’s really getting to me. I can’t stand it. I love writing this blog. It’s fun, healing, and fun. Can’t get enough of that. I’ve written enough content that its time for me to think of how I want to publish the book. I’m learning that the world of publishing is even grandeur than the world of writing. With this in mind, I’m taking some extra time to learn the ways and means of the publishing business, so that I can give my book the best chance for a prosperous birth. It feels good to let you know what I’ve been up to. I may begin to share some of the content form the book here on the blog. Please give me some feedback. Praise and thoughtful critique are welcome. I need you help to get the healing message out there.

The experience of organizing my thoughts and theories into coherent prose has showed me in greater detail the nitty-gritty of truly seeing what works in life and what does not. The nitty-gritty. It sounds goofy. The phrase playfully points to detail. I’m been learning that the ability to refine an idea down to its simplest terms, encapsulates potent understanding, that when unlocked reveals dose after dose of healing medicine. When I work with a patient I can see exactly where and when he or she goes unconscious. At that moment depending on how receptive they are, I will either follow them into the veil of unconsciousness or intervene and bring consciousness to their unconsciousness. In this, I create choice for the both of us. The choice to fully embrace the path of unconsciousness or to fully embrace the path of consciousness means that we take complete ownership of our experience. Either way, the freedom to willfully choose brings on the feeling of wholeness because you see it and choose it for better or worse.

Working in this way, I’ve witnessed people consciously choose the path of suffering because they are too afraid to make other people feel uncomfortable by erecting the phoenix of their destiny, which would automatically summon forth destiny of everyone they love. The phoenix of destiny describes the heavenly vehicle that carries your spirit toward the highest possible expansion and expression of your life. I can totally relate to people who don’t want to make other people feel uncomfortable, as this is a huge theme in my life. I am realizing more and more that life is uncomfortable in a good way and if I really love people in my life like a say I do then I will a least give them the conscious choose to heal or to not. I will no more ignore where I see sickness for fear of making people feel uncomfortable. Honestly, lets all grow up around being uncomfortable.

So, I say there is no rush to evolve. Go at you own pace. If however, you are ready for a fresh set of circumstances, ready for a life that is truly new and alive with possibility, then I would like to walk with you as a companion, a friend, someone to have fun with as we trudge through the darkness, the fear of the past, and the pain of things we hoped would go away.  Alas, we must all face the consequences of our past actions. The work is uncomfortable by nature as my friend David Elliott says, but we will do it with light hearts.

We are having fun and yes we are making progress. Life is filling with light.

Love … Luke

P.S. I promise to share more, if not for you, than for me and my Heart.

4 comments on “The Phoenix of Destiny: How to Grow Up Around Being Uncomfortable”

  1. Paula Taylor says:

    I have missed you and your words. Love and fun. Sounds good. I’m in. You rock.

  2. TW says:

    Well said as usual Luke. I have gotten to the point that instead of letting the past rule me I embrace it. After all I wouldn’t be TW now if it weren’t for my past. The book will come, relax, you have been working too hard on it and with all of us. We love you for it, but you come first. Now I sound like the teacher, LOL

  3. kim cailteux says:

    a word on “uncomfortable” – i’ve heard it said that if you’re comfortable, you’re not truly alive. transformation & potential require “uncomfortable” to get there .. i would like to thank you for nudging me outside of my comfort zone. :)

  4. SusanA says:

    When I first came to see you, Luke, the choice you laid out seemed harsh and abrupt. But within a few minutes I realized the honesty of being given Choice in this way – and the acceleration of all kinds of unexpected recovery that such Choice made possible. For this I thank you for the roller coaster ride – and for the future delight of your ms in print.

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