thru thick and thin

One of the most endearing sentiments that has remained true from my childhood to present day is a combination of loyalty and dedication. I remember feeling a profound sense of loyalty to my peer group as a kid — that I would do anything to protect my friends. I found comfort that they would do the same for me. This feeling of support allowed me to take bigger risks because of which I continue to do so. These are values espoused by all forms and sizes of social organizations from street gangs to high levels of government. Loyalty, keeping secrets, confidence, trust, friendship, safety. This current of feeling is the pinnacle of human achievement. This is the most valued currency of humanity. Within in this flow is also, forgiveness, grace, tenderness, and healing.

As I deal with personal challenges, I am held up by the loyalty and dedication of my friends and family. I can endure great hardship because of that support. Most of the time I am able to offer that confidence as well. In fact it is an honor to do so. To be let in by a friend, to be part of someones’ life — I feel so grateful. I sometimes tease my wife, “you really love little old me” Amidst all the great work I’ve done on myself, I wake up everyday not remembering what I’ve accomplished, and being surprised by the beauty around me.

It’s as if everyday were the first day of my life and the

world is interested in little old me…it can’t be…but it is!

As I move through my life loyalty and dedication are precious commodities. Material things in excess are empty and frivolous at best. Our value is our in unity.

Through thick and thin may our families, friendships and as a species be together in spirit, support each other in life, endure in the world, and make this planet a more magical home.

6 comments on “thru thick and thin”

  1. Paula Taylor says:

    I am glad I found Luke Adler Healing.

  2. @Paula Taylor we are glad you found us pt.

  3. TW says:

    You are so wise. I wake up everyday glad I found you and Melissa and treasure those friends I have who accept me for who I am and laugh and cry with me. You guys are the best.

  4. Dustin Caldwell says:

    We love “little old Luke” very much! You are such an amazing human! Thank you for being part of my life and healing! :-)

  5. Thanks Dustin,

    I appreciate you. Thanks for your support. Looking forward to hanging

  6. TW, You are so much fun. We love to laugh with you and tell jokes. Hope you’re loving life… Luke

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