What Can Happen for You at a Core Level Awakening Retreat…

Core Level Awakening provides an environment to explore, awaken, heal and reintegrate aspects of you that have been turned off in order to survive. Your pain and suffering are harbingers of your soul longing for reintegration into your core, your deepest Heart. Life is too short and often too challenging to stay in the familiar depths of the shallows. Join us for a retreat that will more fully awaken your beauty, power and spirit.

Any area of your life is welcomed to explore. Some areas that participants dive into and create shifts around include:

  • Toxic shame versus clean shame
  • Freedom from wounding around sex
  • Trauma around sexuality
  • Clean anger
  • Passive aggression, rage, suppressed anger
  • Postpartum depression, psychosis, recovery, healing, and reintegration
  • Fear, anxiety
  • Caring for your inner child/baby/teenager
  • Full self expression
  • Your True Size as a powerful being
  • Making amends from a deep place of empathy without loss of dignity.
  • Leading with sensitivity without losing strength or power.
  • Cultivating deep, fulfilling and fully alive relationships with your partner, friends and family.
  • Releasing your armor without collapsing your boundaries.
  • Being emotionally transparent.
  • Experiencing vulnerability as an access point for strength, healing and connection.
  • Cutting through what stops you from expressing raw feminine power.
  • Stopping your inner critic from running you into the ground or paralyzing you from risk taking.
  • Activating your inner warrior with equal parts passion and compassion.
  • Getting intimately connected with the little girl and your capacity to protect, love and parent her.
  • Finding your edge and returning there again and again.
  • Discovering and enlivening where you are resigned, cynical, and deadened.
  • Elevating sex from the duty of emotional discharge to an expression of love.
  • Working with your core wounds as access points to a deeper capacity for love and connection.

Here is what a couple of women who went on the very first Women’s Core Level Awakening Retreat and have returned each year have had to say:

“I have spent years and years in different circles of women. And I have spent years and years leaving circles of women feeling more and more rejected, more and more hatred towards myself.

I just got off of a 4-day Deschutes River white water rafting trip with one of my favorite healers in the world. Luke Adler. A women’s retreat devoted exclusively to healing and waking up. I have never felt more joy, more love, more peace, more radical acceptance than I have experienced in the last four days of my life. Especially from other women.

I have spent the last four days looking deep into the eyes of other women’s pain. I have cried with them, howled with them, screamed with them, laughed with them, consciously ranted with them, danced under the moonlight with them, and they with me, and I have never felt more loved and accepted than I do today.

I feel so seen. So heard. So present. SO HERE FOR IT. And I refuse to live my life any other way. I don’t care what it takes, but I will spend the rest of my life trying to help other women feel the way I feel right now. We are family. We are community. We are each other. We deserve so much more than what we have allowed. We are not alone.” – Annie L.

“…My relationships have gotten deeper, richer and more important. I now value them highly. Core Level Awakening made me more aware of what kind of relationship I want to put my time into, what I want to offer someone, and I want reciprocated. Before I wasn’t attuned to what I wanted from a relationship and I didn’t put the work into what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship.”– Candy W.

These retreats are unforgettable not only for me but also for the women that attend. Can’t wait for this next adventure.

Must have attended at least one Core Level Awakening retreat or have done some work with me individually. 

Dates: Wed-Sun, August 3-7

Exchange: $900, which includes dinner.
Give the office a call at 541-465-9642 or email Oriona at [email protected] with any questions.

All Love, Luke

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