Which Lesson of the Heart are You Learning Now?

Classical Chinese medicine teaches there are nine “palaces” that you enter at various stages of life to learn lessons. Each palace helps you make progress within life’s curriculum. When you struggle with the lessons in one of the nine palaces, you can develop heart pains that weaken the heart’s capacity to interpret guidance from the Universe. 

These are the nine palaces from which a heart pain can arise:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth (or lack thereof)
  3. Prosperity (reputation, class, honor, how you are seen)
  4. Relationships
  5. Children/Creativity
  6. Global/World Issues (includes travel)
  7. Career/Vocation (acquiring knowledge associated with)
  8. Wisdom
  9. Home/Family

These nine palaces are arenas of life where our lessons appear. Each of us will navigate the nine palaces, and each of us will struggle with a few of them to learn our core life lesson. Notice that all of the palaces deal with relationship in some way-relationship to self, to others, the world, and even Spirit.

When one of these palaces becomes stagnant or depleted, the heart feels pain. The pain serves as feedback to notify that something needs more awareness. To resolve the pain, one must face the issue at hand. These pains will not resolve themselves until you learn the life lesson. If you put off an issue in one of the nine palaces and the issue becomes a heart pain, it can cause significant impairment to health.

You cannot escape your lessons. They will be passed on at the time of conception to your children. Your children will inherit the lessons of your lineage. So, help your kids out and learn your lessons now. Your freedom can affect everyone in a positive way, and the most impacted are those closest to you. I have seen many people discover their connection to Spirit, and the many blessings that flowed to their families as a result. The greatest service you offer for the future of this world is to do your inner emotional and spiritual work. 

Heal Yourself.  Heal the World.

Here is an exercise from my book, Born to Heal, to help begin healing your heart pain:

Recall a current issue.

  • Do I feel any physical sensation?
  • Does my heart rate or blood pressure rise?
  • Does my stomach knot up or chest tighten?
  • Does my throat close up, or do my neck and shoulders tighten?
  • Does my heart hurt?
  • Do I feel sad?
  • Do I feel the need to become defensive, hide, or put up an emotional wall?

For now, just allow yourself to feel, and let the pain go. The memory or mental images associated with physical sensations can make emotions more painful. The image of a painful event causes physical tissues to contract, inflame, and secrete stress hormones. Even just remembering the image of an event can trigger pain again and again. When you suppress a painful memory, the emotional pain can become entirely physical. Over time you forget what you were upset about, but the physical remnants of the upset remain as pain. The longer you suppress or ignore your heart, the deeper emotion drives into the body and impairs organ function.

If you would like help with your heart pain, I am here for you. Call the office and hop on my schedule and we will get through it together with Core Level Awakening.

All Love…Luke

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