you’ll be better for it.

our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate.

our biggest fear is that we will achieve and thrive,
our biggest fear is stepping out, into our deepest self, into our true potential.

what i could be, my best self, the potential i have inside,
is what scares me the most.

recently i have been rebuilding my relationship with the amazing person that i know is deep inside of me. i think about it all the time… always working toward being more authentic.
living more and more in my heart.
it’s like being in a relationship, with myself!

i am constantly checking in, trying on different scenarios. what feels good? lunch with friends, or time by myself? yoga or a hike? do i want to share myself with that person, would it be better if i didn’t? what does the exchange in my relationships look like currently? what insights do i have in regard to my relationships? am i being authentic or ingratiating? do i speak the truth with grace and equipoise or do i ignore conversations i should be having to make the other person more “comfortable”?

what are my dreams? what do i want to be tomorrow?

your questions may and will look different- as our questions will be based on where we are in our journey. but, for just a moment, think about it, think about all the things you could possibly be and how amazing you could be at each and every one!

what keeps you from making those a reality in your life?

remember saying,
“when i grow up i am going to be a (insert dream here)!”
reflect, think, pause, and remember what it felt like, viscerally, to say that sentence.
did you take a deep breath before you said it?
did you have an enormous smile on your face?
what were the reactions to your statement?
were you supported in your dreams?
what does it feel like to say that sentence right now?
can you still identify with that person?

sometimes i wonder where that person went…
sometimes i wonder where that authentic, overzealous, unstoppable young lady is.

re-creating, maintaining and nurturing my connection to her is vital.
much of the world we live in today does not always support being authentic, being in your heart, living your greatest potential, your life’s purpose. rather than filling our hearts and minds with what is wholesome we stuff ourselves to the point of discomfort, numbness and eventually paralysis. in doing so we slowly chip away pieces of ourselves, forgetting our true nature. leading ourselves down a treacherous path of isolation and victimization.

so how do we get back from that path?
and how do we stay away from it?
we re-learn, re-program, we re-member.

a great teacher once said, “from the perfect comes the perfect, arising in the form of perfection, remaining perfect in it’s perfect nature… when this is true law, why do we human beings experience imperfection, why do we feel broken and scattered, why do we keep crying out and weeping?” the teacher then goes on to say, we do this because of our forgetful nature.

we forget & fear the authenticity it takes to step into who we truly are.

when you hear that voice inside your head that instructs you to do something, what is your immediate reaction? are you inviting your heart’s thoughts into your mind? the heart is where the earth and the sky meet… the midline, the balance. i invite you to really consider, what do you do when you begin hearing your heart?

are you already living in your heart?

can you live in your heart always?

i believe you can be a person and live in your heart in every facet of your life. try listening to that voice a little more and see how it goes.. try it on. the voice will reshape how you interact with your families, friends and partners and even your interactions with yourself.

practice is everything.
practice listening to your heart
practice yoga
practice meditation (even if you have never tried before)
practice asking questions
take off that outer casing that shrouds and dims your beautiful light…
tell someone about it, or do it in front of them.
change the way you interact and ask for support while doing it.

listen, and, practice.
be kind to yourself, compassionate with yourself..
step into your most full you.
give your current-self some serious stretch marks.
you’ll be better for it.

2 comments on “you’ll be better for it.”

  1. TW says:

    I wish I had all this when I was your age, but when you get to be my age, there came a point where I learned to love myself and all my faults, because they were me. Everything I have done good or badly forms me and makes me the person I am. There is much work to be done. Some people I can instantly open up to and some I circle the wagons. It is the self that is afraid. But if I don’t get there perhaps I am not meant too, and I am should congratulate myself on the steps I have taken to get me where I am right now. I still have a long time left in my life and I love the stuff I am feeling and getting from you guys. Where have you been all my life. You are like my confirmation and give me new goals. Once you have goals you can never let go of this life.

  2. thank you for your thoughts terri… getting comments on the blog means a lot.
    we also love the stuff we are getting from you.
    so glad you will be with us this weekend!

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