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you know that feeling you get when something is on your heart you want to talk about? something you so badly want to share, be it with friends, family, a loved one; but are worried about what they might say? how they might react?  are they going to tease you, get angry with you, tell you something you might not want to hear?

as the universe would have it, speaking up at those moments is critical.  when you don’t want to say it, chances are you should. i find that when i don’t share what is on my heart, it literally starts to eat away at me, piece by piece..

this still happens to me, and, i am proud to say that it used to happen more often than not.  something would come up for me, strongly. i wouldn’t really know what to do with the emotion. i’d either make a joke about it, or simply try stuff it back inside.. and that plan normally failed.  i would then either go to a place of bitterness and resentment, and following, find myself acting sarcastic and cynical instead of courageous and lionhearted.

what is critical to see is that various things may seem trivial, may indeed be trivial, but their root… is not. their root is what i like to call heart stuff – and heart stuff is what it’s about – because your heart stuff, is your truth.

i have always had a deep seeded insecurity around trust, being accepted and being loved.  that, is my heart stuff.. and it comes through in the silliest and yet deepest ways.  i know, however, that if i don’t speak about those things that most deeply affect me, it’s going to keep surfacing, and resurfacing, and then most likely, surface again.  that is the cyclical nature of the universe – as it works again and again aiming to getting us to see something, it ultimately commands our attention of the issue.

throughout the past few months here at the clinic we have been talking a lot about letting love in. what has come up around that is what it is to receive love and what we do either individually or collectively to block or allow the facilitation of love.  looking at this phenomenon more critically mandates a certain action from each individual, interaction and reaction, that is truly powerful.

“everything that blocks your truth, blocks your life.”  when we look at these words in the deepest and most profound way, the work we need to do becomes so simple.

6 comments on “your truth, your stuff, heart stuff”

  1. Carol says:

    we benefit from your braveness sweet melinda.

    i love your willingness to share and your willingness to admit the work it takes to listen to your heart. thanks for sharing. keep writing!

  2. TW says:

    I am going to cry now. I love you.

  3. Jarrell says:

    thank you, sister friend:)

  4. @Carol thank you for your encouragement, love. it’s a journey of revelation + concealment everytime, isn’t it? lots of love.

  5. @TW tw. your heart speaks to mine. you remind me of so many times every time you come through our doors. thank you for your presence and your constant inspiration. i love you, too.

  6. @Jarrell thank YOU for reading, sister + friend. was great to see you in here for meditation this week. big, big hug.

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