10 Things You Love About You

Mark this day in your calendar. Today is the launch of the Love Cultural Revolution. I’m starting a self love campaign. Beneath the crisis of oil, water, coal, foodstuffs, healthcare, human rights, environmental protection, lies the fundamental lynch pin that keeps all other crisis spinning in chaos. I’m talking about the crisis of no self love. Today we are shifting the values of our culture. We are shifting the way we relate to ourselves, so as to shift the way we relate to one another and the planet. I am starting with me. These are the ten things I love about me:

  • I love my sense of humor
  • I love being goofy and singing loud when I get home from work
  • I love my good Heart
  • I love that I’m learning to take care of myself and be gentle
  • I love that I show up to work, even when I want to stay in bed
  • I love that I know when to change my diet when my body shows signs of weariness
  • I love that I love my wife, family, and friends
  • I love that right now my heart is swelling and aching as I share what I love about me
  • I love being creative an innovative about business, healing and spirituality.
  • I love being courageous and sensitive in challenging situations
  • I love myself deeply

I think that was eleven, but you get the idea. When you write these down take a few deep inhalations and exhalations to root the self love into your being. Then say them out load and breathe them in even deeper. Every time I do this my body begins to tingle and heat up. We are social beings and reality gets created by sharing with each other what’s happening in life. So in order to launch the Love Cultural Revolution, I request that you share the 10 things you love about you with me and every one you can think of and that you ask people, “What do you love about you?”.  Let’s hear it.

Love you … Luke

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