Born to Heal
by Luke Adler

“... an inspiring book of wisdom. ... Luke’s insights can truly change your reality about love, life and everything in between.” — David Elliott
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A guide to transform your life

Until you discover the wellspring of love within, you will endlessly seek love from the outside world. You were born to heal. The power to heal and feel whole resides within you.

With seventy-five exercises and meditations, illustrations, case studies, and personal stories, Born to Heal will inspire courage and help you develop and trust your inner guidance. You’ll learn to examine stuck places in your life, to own your part in creating that stagnation, and become skilled with new ways of healing yourself and your world. If you’re ready to move past the beginner stages of healing and spirituality, and invest in the evolution of your soul, you’ve found the right tool.

Luke Adler’s healing journey began in grade school. Fistfights on the play ground were commonplace. The fear of becoming the target of the latest bully’s temper taught Luke to use his sensitivity. He became compassionate to the pain that his peers were experiencing — both the bullies and their targets.

“As a child, I could always feel people’s hurts and sadness,” Luke recalls. “It was natural for me to make other people feel better by paying them a compliment, treating them kindly, and helping them like themselves more. It diffused the stress at school.”

Born to Heal is the realization of Luke’s experience that all beings on the planet want to heal, and that the desire to restore health is deep and persistent, even if it is suppressed by life traumas. The physical body demonstrates this beautifully. Witness a scrape on your knee systemically mend itself over a period of days—the skin now stronger than before. Emotional, mental, and spiritual healing is another story. Like the physical body, these systems also have an automatic healing sequence. Upbringing and societal conditioning have taught us to suppress our emotions, our truth, and the voice of our hearts. Born to Heal helps unpack that suppression and encourages the growth of stronger clarity, intuition, and a focus on healing.

Born to Heal uses the lens of ancient Chinese medicine, enhanced by Luke’s diverse exploration into his own consciousness and that the thousands of people he has served. His goal is to help patients and readers bring to light the systematic way we suppress our inner guidance and the physical effect of that suppression. Born to Heal teaches how to reverse the disease process by looking within, learning to love what you discover, taking up daily meditation practice, and using breathwork to increase your ability to see life in all its nuanced beauty.

Born to Heal is an engaging discovery of insight and courage that can become a guide to transform your life.

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Praise for ‘Born to Heal’

Born to Heal is an honest, vulnerable account of Luke’s healing journey and the journeys of the people he serves. He brings forth three straight-forward approaches to healing that anyone can learn. The journey to heal the heart takes courage, and Luke’s book models exactly the kind of courage needed for this healing journey. His capacity for love and his joyful expression of spirit is evident in every page. This book will make you laugh, cry and sigh and even more importantly, it will help you to recognize that you are not alone and you are loved.

Dr. Yvonne Farrell DAOM,
author of Psycho-emotional Pain and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels

Born to Heal is an inspiring book of wisdom. Luke Adler’s words bring healing in a very open-hearted masterful way. A gifted writer and storyteller, Luke’s insights can truly change your reality about love, life and everything in between! Born to Heal, is a fascinating read for anyone needing improvement and healing. Use this book as manual to heal your life!

David Elliott,
author of The Reluctant Healer, Healing, and The Baptism

In Born to Heal, Luke brings to life the ancient teachings of Chinese medicine. He offers penetrating insights, wisdom and tools that will inspire you to listen to your inner guidance, help you heal your body and emotions and provide you with the strength and courage to fulfill your life’s path.

Dr. Malvin Finkelstein, OMD,
former chair of the Oregon Medical Board Acupuncture Committee
and National Acupuncture Certification Board

Born to Heal is a valuable tool for both physical healing and spiritual exploration. Adler uses the lens of Chinese medicine in a practical, understandable, and focused way that helps you unlock places in your life where you may be or feel stuck. Using stories, exercises, and guided meditations, Luke explains our various forms of stress and suffering with humor and grace, and helps readers gain the insights needed to move forward. Born to Heal is a gift for people new to the healing/spiritual world as well as for more experienced, seekers looking for a comprehensive guide to doing deep inner work.

Adler’s unique and fascinating story tells of awakening at 13 years old, learning about self-worth and self-love through conflict with his father, and the journey that taught him how to share his gifts.

Adler’s early coaching to speak his own truth to his father inspired me with enough courage to heal a disempowered relationship, an unexpected but not atypical gift that readers can look forward to as they walk the path that he illuminates. Luke’s revelations about his own healing journey and the people he serves can help us all honor and love our very human foibles, and see that they aren’t something to get rid of, but embrace with love. As Luke teaches, as we heal our hearts, our bodies also move towards greater health and well-being.

Born to Heal is packed with exercises and meditations to help you dig deep into your blind spots and unearth the unique gifts that you have to offer others. Adler’s warm, encouraging, and loving tone made me feel like I’ve been reunited with a long lost friend. I’ve read Born to Heal three times. I continue to learn more about myself, the people in my life, and what I’m here to offer. This is a must-have guide for the spiritual journey.

Helen Rosenau,
Your Jewish Fairy Godmother


Impressively well written and exceptionally well organized and presented, “Born To Heal: Heal Yourself, Heal The World” is one of those life altering discoveries that happen perhaps once in a generation. Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in tone, commentary and content, “Born to Heal” is one of those rare and transformative compendiums of practical insight that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the Shelf. Available only in a paperback edition, “Born to Heal” is unreservedly recommended for personal reading lists, as well as community, and academic library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review: Small Press Bookwatch: September 2016

Amazon 5 star reviews:

Because it is an archetypal process, many people have experienced self-healing and then went on to become a healer of others. Luke Adler is no different. What I find different is the openness, honesty and downright humility of Luke’s expression of his version of the story. His parents were meditation teachers and Luke was meditating as a teenager. It was when he was only 13 that he experienced a Kundalini awakening. His response was an aching smile as he looked out upon the world, silently exclaiming, “People, do you know just how beautiful you are?” This burning, loving desire to awaken folks to their own beauty feels like Luke’s trademark, giving his writing a very special quality. I’ll describe two things about his book that makes it stand out from other books on healing.

Luke had his share of problems growing up, accepting himself, fitting in—the usual stuff we all face. His father and he had many conflicts. He had self-esteem problems and looked for love in the wrong places—all the usual stuff. His “enlightenment” did not change that. Instead he remained as someone we can easily identify with, yet he now has inner resources to begin to heal his issues. The source of healing that Luke encounters is the same written about by many, many others—the existence of a divine core within us, an inner light, that can show the way to wholeness, a path that involves self-love and self-acceptance. We’ve heard it all before. What you may not have experienced is someone like Luke who can share with you his own struggles in a way that makes you feel you can deal with yours.

The second thing that is unique about his book results from his study of Chinese medicine. Among the various aspects, what I found quite instructive was his treatment of how the bodily organs function with our emotions, and how they work together. The lungs are associated with sadness, for example, with associated diseases such as asthma. The heart symptoms express anxiety; the liver—anger; the spleen—worry; and the kidneys—fear. These connections may seem arbitrary as I mention them here. The important aspect is that when you note what kind of physical symptoms you mostly experience, you can then move onto the related organ. The author provides many exercises for getting into the underlying emotions and helping the physical organs process and cleanse them. All the while this healing is going on, we can also be learning a lot about ourselves. He has a great deal of faith in our ability to know ourselves lovingly, and to experience the resulting healing.

You’ll wear this book out before you complete all the exercises he shares. Yet you’ll be happy you did!

                                                                                                                     By Henry Reed on July 26, 2016

“Born to Heal” by Luke Adler provides a compendium of ancient wisdom directed at healing the body and soul. Luke discusses the importance of deep meditation in order to re-order what’s going on within. The book stresses the need to have self inquiry, as well as, the practice of self love and higher order spiritual practice.

The author points out that the states of consciousness which bring on a disease are not the pathway to healing. Three specific modalities are mentioned for arriving at a healing plateau. These are meditation, breathing and essential oils like peppermint and others.

The book has a very interesting description of mind states associated with specific ailments. For instance, sadness and grief are associated with lung/large intestine issues while anger and resentment are associated with the liver and gallbladder. The ancients believed that the eyes revealed all; namely, the past, present and future. There are 9 heart pains associated with things like health, wealth, prosperity, relationships, creativity, global, wisdom and the home. Furthermore, people cannot skip over stages of life while expecting to grow and mature. In addition, the liver is very much the trajectory for life to become a reality. The author makes an important observation that boundaries are essential absolutely for healing relationships.

Overall, “Born To Heal” by Luke Adler is a very complete rendition on natural healing modalities.

                   By Dr. Joseph S. Maresca HALL OF FAMETOP 1000 REVIEWER on June 3, 2016

Luke Adler, acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist/ doctor of Chinese medicine, shares his belief that physical and emotional dysfunction originates from disconnection from our spiritual essence. READ THIS BOOK to discover we each have a mystical core within that connects us to Universal love/God and we were all born to heal our multidimensional levels of existence. Born to Heal engages in a conversation about health, happiness, and fulfillment, changing how we view disease and heal and learning ultimately every negative complaint is only a desire for more love, intimacy, and a greater connection to yourself and others. Born to Heal shows that all healing happens within your heart and from the empowerment of your soul to know its own direction for finding its destiny. Luke superbly gives us meditations, breath exercises, and an understanding of what human emotions cause illness in the different organs of the body. A wonderfully sensitive and joyful journey to knowing yourself as a divine being.

                                       By Sheryl Glick, RMT, host of Healing from Within on August 16, 2016

Pure gold from a spiritual powerhouse.

                                                                                                                   By Josh Harris on June 23, 2016