Heart of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

A Training with Drs. Yvonne Farrell & Luke Adler

A Four Retreat Series

Retreat II: Ren-Du

October 31st-Nov 4th, 2024 at Breitenbush Hotsprings, Oregon.



Join Us!

For an exploration, immersion and training to embody the Heart of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (8EV).

We are the lineage holders of the greatest healers that have walked the earth. It is time to step fully into our sovereignty and generate communities that are resilient, intuitive and compassionate.  

The Universal Truth at the core of Chinese Medicine when embodied, offers the fuel, inspiration and insight needed to meet the challenges of our time.

Three and half days of clinical education, embodiment exercises, meditations, breathwork, movement, deep inquiry, intuitive refinement and community to uncover the unique and needed gifts only you can offer the world.

Practice in a more meaningful and sustainable way. Have a lasting impact on your patients & society.

Be a part of a community that makes you indominable in the face of our current challenges.

Create a life where you feel deeply nourished, connected and loved.

Hear Yvonne and Luke’s Podcast Series

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels tether the soul to physical embodiment.

They are the pathways the soul feels through to discern its’ karmic lessons

The Vessels are more than energy meridians in the body. They are energy flows within Nature.

The 8EV provide the energetic structure for undifferentiated, unified consciousness to differentiate into polarity, move through time and space, manifest into the here and now moment, and hold the pain and hurt that we accumulate along the way, as we stumble into the unknown.

They provide the potency and capacity for self-reflection, curiosity and deep insight to gain ground within our very own being in an embodied way.

The Four Retreat Training Series

Retreat I: Chong-Dai

Experience undifferentiated self when aligned and misaligned with your deepest knowing. Mine the gifts of your deepest wounding to unlock nuanced vectors for empathy to flow towards the inner most sensitivity of existence.

Retreat II: Ren/Du

Explore the deceptions we embrace when we enter a binary system. Experience the extraordinary relationships between yin & yang, contraction & expansion, connection & separation.

Retreat III: Wei

Experience the profound capacity the Wei vessels offer us to maintain continuity of Self during times of adversity.  How do you manage your resources when things change?

Retreat IV: Qiao

Discover how your perspective and stance shape both your sense of Self and your world view. How do you manage your resources in the present moment? What are you holding onto that blocks the flow?

If you desire to effectively support people to heal in the deepest way possible, we invite you to go further than learning the trajectories, rituals and principles of the 8EV.

We invite you to align with the Essence of the 8EV, and to the fullest extent possible, become them.

Learn to feel and identify the movements and sensations of the 8EV in your body.

Mine the history, wounding, trauma and conditioning that has thwarted, crimped, stifled and limited the full expression of the 8EV and their interplay in your life.

To utilize the full power of the 8EV, experience their unbridled force and innate intention for the deepest possible healing.

Immerse yourself in the vibratory healing of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels as they manifest uniquely and beautifully through you.

  • Generate treatments and articulate explanations that instill confidence, inspiration and inspire your patients and clients to lead a life they love.
  • Refine your intuition and more skillfully guide your patients into theirs.
  • Embody the vessels as Universal flows of energy.
  • Feel the vibratory resonance of each vessel and learn to clearly facilitate it’s energy flow through your work, life and relationships with the medium(s) that most suit you—needles, essential oils, acupressure, massage, cranio-sacral, Rei Ki, therapeutic dialogue, breathwork, etc.
  • Identify when you are misaligned and or underdeveloped around holding the energy of a particular vessel.
  • Clarify your growth edge around the vessels and put into practice life affirming habits to strengthen your capacity to hold them energetically.
  • Learn to turn towards pain, metabolize it and extract its’ gifts.

Become more empathetic with your patients without taking on their pain.

  • Generate deep community with the shared desire to create a more beautiful connected world.
  • Deeply rest and restore you core vitality, and learn to return there again and again.
  • Be inspired about your healing work and where it is headed.

Build a life that generates an even greater positive legacy for the earth and humanity.

By the end of the training you’ll be free from

  • A lack of assuredness and burnout in clinical practice
  • A lack of inspiration and stuck in passivity
  • Doubting your impact and questioning your legacy
  • Disharmony with work and personal life
  • Fear of not being supported if you really follow your passion
  • Working really hard
  • Being triggered around unprocessed wounding
  • Being dumped on energetically by your patients/clients or friends
  • Difficulty with boundary setting and feeling detached from your deeper feelings

Restore your essence, while you learn at magnificent

Breitenbush Hotsprings

Breitenbush Hotsprings is an iconic holistic and spiritual retreat center in the heart of the volcanic old growth sanctuary of the Central Oregon Cascade Mountain range. As a guest at Breitenbush, everything is taken care of for you. The container they create holds you in so many ways, from the gentle support of the hot spring water to the delicious homemade organic meals three times a day. All around you, the natural beauty of the Willamette National Forest provides a cradle of wilderness to facilitate deep healing. The Breitenbush River cascades through the retreat site and brings life, moisture, and an icy freshness to the landscape.

Excerpt from the Breitenbush Credo

“We are committed to the health and well-being of ourselves and our families, to live, work, play and grow together harmoniously. We mutually support and respect each person’s dignity, and awaken to the spirit within each of us which acknowledges that we are all one.”

One of our core intentions is to bring back community to our profession.

As a profession we have defaulted to an allopathic model of community, many of us siloed in our individual practices, apart from the communal nature of our medicine.

We give our heart of hearts to our patients, yet we are disconnected from one another.

As providers, we know the grit it took to get here, and the challenges we face every day, as we practice an esoteric art and science in a world that does not fully understand it.

A deep intention of the Heart of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels Training is to integrate, connect and anchor as a community into the ancient lineage and tradition of our tried-and-true medicine, and deeply support one another in a world that needs our resourced and inspired presence.

Details & Logistics:

Daily Schedule:

Morning Session: 9:30 am – 1 pm 

Lunch: 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Afternoon Session: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Evening Session: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

  • Retreat begins Thursday Oct 31st at 7pm in The River Yurt
  • Retreat concludes Monday Nov 4th at 12 pm.

2 Zoom Integration session occur Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 PST Nov 13th and 20th.


$1,716.00–$2,316.00 includes retreat tuition, food and accommodations. 3 organic vegetarian meals daily. All meals will have a gluten free and dairy free option.

Breitenbush offers single rooms as well as shared rooms with 2-3 beds. If you select a shared a room, Breitenbush will assign you a roommate from the course.

Note on Breitenbush Lodging: Breitenbush does not provide bedding and pillows for their rooms. You may purchase bedding for an additional nightly fee.

Have questions or would like to schedule a phone call? Email: [email protected]

We can’t wait to see you!

Drs. Yvonne Farrell and Luke Adler first taught together in 2005 in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Their vision is to bring the living teachings of Chinese Medicine to those who want it.

Your Trainers

Dr. Farrell has been involved in helping others to restore balance in their lives for over 35 years. She began teaching acupuncture and Chinese medicine in 1997 and continues to make it her mission to support and inspire anyone who wants to use the blueprint of Chinese Medicine to heal and grow.

Specializing in the use of the Complement Channels and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, Yvonne has been teaching channel theory to students for many years. She has developed proficiency with these systems because she feels they are very effective in the treatment of psycho-emotional and psycho-spiritual disorders.

“ I have made it my mission in life to witness the humanity in everyone I treat or teach.  I have learned how to create a healing environment and therapeutic relationship that helps patients and practitioners to regain their sovereignty and create lasting change that leads to a deeper sense of well-being.”

Yvonne is the author of 2 books on acupuncture; Psycho-emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (2017) and Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity (2021), published by Singing Dragon.

Dr. Luke Adler, DACM has been practicing healing work since 2003. He is an intuitive and compassionate healer, teacher and author who empowers clients with the tools to heal themselves. At his retreats, trainings and one on one sessions he creates an environment for you to make contact with your inner wisdom and innate healing intelligence. He facilitates deep relationship with yourself which extends into relationships with your loved ones. He is a skilled experiential teacher and trainer in deep psycho spiritual healing work rooted in ancient eastern traditions. His deep study of the secondary vessels began at Emperors College in 2004 with Yvonne and continued with her and Jeffrey Yuen in proceeding years. From 2016-2022 he served as faculty for the doctoral program in Classical Chinese Medicine at National Universal of Natural medicine. He helps people uncover and translate their experience of love into meaningful actions that make a difference in the world. Luke has a gift of placing his attention on different aspects of your mind, body and spirit for you to awaken to what’s not working and allow love to facilitate healing.

With nearly thirty years of meditation experience, he is a gifted teacher of various healing and spiritual practices for the novice and advanced practitioner.

“I love to hold a space for people to see themselves and their relationships with greater compassion.  Courage is required to look deeply into the origins of your wounds. When you gain intimacy with all that you are, you are able to become closer with people in your life. You can maintain a sense of centeredness and individuality while becoming incredible intimate with your family and friends. For me this is the goal of life and the goal of healing. What is the use of abundance, in any sense, if you cannot deeply share it with others?”

Luke is the author of Born to Heal (2016), a psychospiritual guide to healing.


Will all four retreats be offered this year?

Likely, we will offer 2-3 retreats a year. Frequency of the retreats will depend on our ability to secure retreat sites.

Do I have to attend all four retreats?

You do not have to attend all four of the retreats. You may participate in as many as you like.

What is the closest airport to Breitenbush?

The closest airport with the most flight options is Portland International Airport, PDX

Can I carpool with someone to the retreat?

Yes. 6 weeks prior to the retreat we will send out a ride share document for you to coordinate rides.

What is the refund policy?

Because Breitenbush is hosting the retreat we have to align with their refund policy which is:

Cancellation and refund requests submitted at least 14 days prior to the start date of this event will be accepted, and the full balance will be refunded minus a $100.00 service charge. Requests submitted less than 14 days prior to the start date of this event will be accepted, but a refund will only be applied if the space can be filled from our wait list. The $100.00 service charge will still be collected.