The Healing Flow of Love and Exchange is truly where my journey began. When I feel stuck emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I now have the tools to move through the experience. With each acupuncture session and healing retreat, I find that I can use the tools with greater ease. I am so thankful for Luke Adler Healing and the community of people that I have met through his work. I’m excited to watch as his practice grows and impacts our community, encouraging people to open their hearts to love.

— Liz J.

I gave up right before I came here.  I spent a week or more between the dr. office and the hospital.  I had such a bad migraine that half of my body was numb.  The only thing that has helped me was acupuncture.  I felt relief after the first treatment, my head stopped pounding for the first time in a week.  I was amazed!  I’ve kept coming for preventive measures and I haven’t had a migraine since. Thanks Luke and your great staff!

— Sari G.

Through Luke’s study and knowledge of the work he does, as a well as his commitment to his own Spiritual walk-his openness to being “directed” to each of his patients and to speak truth and wisdom when needed, has brought me to a new awareness of all aspects of my life. –Who I am, why I am the way I am–To learn in one of my sessions that one thought as a child, “What do I do now?” has been in charge and directing my whole life!  A profound moment in the understanding of what has driven me-  To take it captive and accept I cannot do something about everything…To dig deeper into my faith and learn to truly trust in the God I serve.  This trust and change of thinking, lead by God, using Luke as His “instrument,” is bringing a much stronger sense of peace, calmness, and clearer understanding of who and what I’m all about-who I’ve been created to be and with that I’m eternally grateful!

— Joy J.

Luke Adler has shown such a commitment to my healing. Acupuncture is relieving my fibromyalgia pain significantly! Thanks.

— Chris B.

So many doctors talk about the importance of a mind/body connection. Luke is one of a handful of practitioners who really practices in this fashion. He has an abundance of the qualities that make a GREAT practitioner. Patience, curiosity, and a consistent drive to learn from both his patients and the medical community around him. His solutions to health issues arise depending on individual situations. When I first began working with Luke I had chronic health issues that several western physicians had only worsened. Luke not only helped me achieve a high level of health but taught me how to manage my own well being.

— Marcy F., artist

My work with Luke has been life-changing. After many years of being on the “spiritual path”, it was his techniques and guidance that broke down barriers and opened me up to a new level of joy, happiness and love. Of Luke’s many gifts as a spiritual teacher and healer, I believe the greatest is his unique ability to “tune in” to exactly what I need at a particular point in my meditation or healing process and custom tailor his techniques to enhance my experience. His expertise and wisdom belie his chronological age.

— Dean G., Grammy Award winning composer

Testimonials for Dana LaVoie 

I have been dealing with Parkinson’s for some eight years and use acupuncture regularly. It is helpful, but no panacea. On a recent trip out West, I took two treatments from Dana using the Master Tung’s method of acupuncture. After the first treatment, my tremor disappeared for about 36 hours. Amazing. At the end of the second treatment, it was better than any other acupuncture I tried – but we didn’t achieve the same result as the first treatment. If I lived in Eugene, there is no question I would work with Dana to find the perfect protocol. It’s clear we were onto something good.

When I go to Dana for treatment, I feel safe, protected and cared for.  Dana has such a calm and welcoming presence.  She listens and observes very carefully.  Her knowledgeable perspective and skillful treatments always get me both feeling better and taking better care of myself!

Every few years I have to repeat a 6 month course of chemotherapy.  I started again a few weeks ago, and immediately had severe electric, burning pain in my feet and legs. It’s so bad it goes up my legs all the way to my thighs and  I am unsteady on my feet and cant drive.  After 1 acupuncture treatment with Dana my pain was reduced by 60-70 percent.  I felt much better overall and was able to rest and sit still.  I also had such severe pain when I first stood up that I could hardly walk, and this is not a problem any more.  

Acupuncture with Dana has changed my life!  Just before I started acupuncture I had gone through countless drugs trying to get relief from anxiety and depression.  The acupuncture and herbs have mellowed me out, and now I no longer yell at my child every day.  Yay!:)  Thank You!
I overheard Dana talking with a young couple about some tea so I went to talk to her about it – it’s an anti-inflammatory tea for all-over wellness . But she asked me what was going on and why I was interested, which opened the door for my story about my knee , and she said she could help me with acupuncture. I have to admit I was a skeptic.  I went in not completely believing but willing to relieve my pain, as I was having to  ice my knee four times a day. I’ve been going to acupuncture for seven months now and it’s a world of difference. I’m a waitress, I’m on my feet all day everyday, and I now can do my job pain-free. Thank you so much Dana.  I love her energy I love her calm serene attractive self. I enthusiastically tell anybody about her and my experience