Face Your Dragons. Unleash Your Life Force.

We all carry shadow elements – parts of ourselves that are hidden, disowned or have been frozen in time. These parts can carry great energetic cost to us, siphoning our vitality and bringing dis-ease to our sense of well-being.

These are shadow elements because we are often either unaware of their existence, or if we are, they often keep showing up over and over again in ways that we don’t know how to stop. Shadow is a metaphor for anything we are not fully aware of that is impacting our lives.

By becoming aware of these shadow elements, facing them, and then integrating them, we can liberate the vast amounts of energy they use and direct that energy consciously toward the things we really want in life. We come alive.

The Heart of Shadow is a 10-week journey for men to become intimate with their shadows and become more fully alive. The program consists of nine weekly virtual sessions wrapped around a 3.5 day live intensive, and a private online community for during and after the program.

The program is limited to 14 men and we start January 3rd.

Check out this podcast where Jason and I discuss shadow work, our own journeys, and why we’re creating this program here: https://evolutionary.men/podcast/the-heart-of-shad…

You can also watch a video on Instagram where Jason and I talk about the benefits of men’s work.

If you a know man who could benefit from this program, pass this along or forward me his contact info. and I will reach out to him.

All Love…Luke

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