How a Men’s Retreat Changed My Life

I, like most boys, grew up being told to, “Man up,” “Suck it up,” or “Stop being a crybaby.” Throughout my life, I played sports and it was acceptable even encouraged to be tough or macho. If you got hurt, you stood up, brushed it off and kept playing. There is value in that, but it doesn’t teach you how to navigate the will of the heart.

By the time we become men, an armor has been built around our hearts preventing us from truly feeling our feelings. It becomes so easy for us to push down, bypass or numb our feelings away. 

Men are made to believe that being with our feelings is weak and even participating in a men’s group or retreat is admitting you have a problem. Unless it is “Fight Club,” it is not cool.

Those beliefs became quite loud as I attended my first men’s retreat but I allowed my curiosity to take the lead. I am thankful that I did because I was blown away by how my heart and body felt when I left–nourished…alive…fulfilled…whole.

I knew I had to take a deeper dive into how to truly feel and learn how to turn toward my pain instead of spiritually bypassing it. Spiritual bypassing was so innately easy for me to do.

Fast forward several years and here I am eager to share my experience and tools with other men because it is clear to me that we are at a deficit in the area of intimacy, maturity and turning toward our pain. It is not an easy path but it has neverending rewards. For instance, my wife, family and friends notice that I am more present, intimately able to work through conflict and react appropriately to problems.

The men’s retreat teaches men to:

  • Bring their sensitivity to the forefront
  • Allow their anger to come online
  • Engage in healthy rather than toxic masculinity
  • Learn what it means to be a integrated alpha male
  • Connect with other men without the macho facade
  • Create true intimacy with their partners 
  • Resolve conflict and repair relationship with maturity and loving intention

If you are a man or know a man that would love or needs a retreat like this, give the office a call at 541-465-9642 or email Oriona at [email protected] for more information. Or just click on the “Register” button below. 

Must have attended at least one Core Level Awakening retreat or have done some work with me individually. 

Dates: Wed-Sun, August 31 – Sept 4

Exchange: $950 for camping, $1050 for a bed

All meals are included and we will cook and clean together.

All Love, Luke

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