How to Break Free from Judgment

Unworthiness of embodiment can cause us to find faults in all things, especially in ourselves. This accelerated judgment and self-judgment is a symptom as well as a catalyst for future suppression. If your sense of self is clouded by unworthiness, you will see it reflected in the unworthiness of everything around you. With this feeling that something is wrong inside, you project the lie that something is wrong with everything. Unable to accept life as it is, instead you may seek to criticize life too harshly. You will begin to see only what is wrong with yourself and others.

When life brings you an event that you cannot embrace, the lungs reject the moment by refusing to inhale fully. Instead the rib cage tightens, blood pressure and pulse rate increase, and a host of other physical symptoms may appear, such as coughing, wheezing, asthma, and more frequent colds and flus. The more uncomfortable you become, the more critical you are of a world that refuses to cooperate with your preferences.

If left unchecked, unworthiness corrodes self-confidence and trust in Spirit. You will begin to withdraw from life, to reject it. Unworthiness of physcial embodiment will slice and dice the world around you as a projection of feeling increasingly unsafe in your body, and more disconnected from the Universe. Like mismatched circuitry, you blast yourself and the world apart with negative judgments when you fight the impulse of the Universe to conduct love through you.

You are here to love. There are times when judgment is appropriate, but you need to discern carefully to know when those instances are. If they come reflexively–from anger, or from feelings that seem based in the unworthiness of yourself or others–they will most likely undercut, rather than facilitate, love. Frivolous and unnecessary judgments cut you off from your divinity and affect your immunity and lung function, among many other negative impacts.

The moment or event you suppress remains separate from you–like a call left on hold. The energy used to suppress the past is unavailable for use as tissue repair, new cell growth, elimination, dreaming, and being present to the people you love. When you become aware of how you suppress your truth and let this habit go, you will heal on every aspect of your being. When it happens, it will almost feel like magic as your healing accelerates. Your healing will be grounded in your willingness to be present and embrace the moment.

Use these questions from my book, “Born to Heal,” to track your unworthiness:

  • What is my first memory of feeling that “something is wrong with me”?
  • Was that recollection easy or hard? Did my breathing slow down, quicken, or suddenly stop as this memory surfaced?
  • Where did my mind go?
  • What self-criticizing belief did I create after this event?
  • How do I reinforce that belief on an ongoing basis?
  • What attempts have I made to change that belief? How have they worked? What supports or derails them?

You are worthy. If you have trouble believing that, Core Level Awakening can help. CLA shifts the recalcitrant beliefs, feelings and patterns that you just can’t seem to let go and break free from.

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All Love, Luke

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